We had a great time meeting everyone at the Westin Copley Place Great Bridal Expo yesterday. We loved sharing our work with all of you and getting to hear about their wedding plans. It sounds like people are going to be creating some very memorable weddings, with sites both far away- Atlanta, the Carribean and Trinidad– and closer to home- Newport, the Berkshires, Cape Cod and downtown Boston. And one bride I met will be getting married at her parents’ home on the North Shore.

Of course there were also some amazing engagement stories. One groom brought his fiancee to Palm Springs for a vacation and proposed on the top of a mountain. Another took his out to see the lunar eclipse. Under the moonlight, he reminded her that the last time there was a lunar eclipse the Red Sox won the world series, which I am sure most of agree was a pretty amazing day. But, he told her, no day would be better than this one if she agreed to marry him. She did. And that makes two wonderful events to coincide with the lunar eclipse.

We can’t help but be inspired by all of the creativity and love we saw yesterday. We look forward to talking with you again soon and learning even more about what you have planned.

In the meantime, allow me to congratulate Kara Kearne and Jason Saylor (wedding date October 2, 2009) who won the engagement session we were giving away. We will be in touch soon.

See our booth and a past bridal show here.