“Shout from the rooftops.

You made it. You are a senior! This time is truly amazing and full of so much excitement. We can’t wait to help you capture all of this energy and joy; and show the world how beautiful you are inside and out. Allegro senior portraits are designed to do just that.



Before we pick up our cameras, there’s so much to do. First we get to know you- what brings you happiness, how do you chill out, what music do you listen to- all the details that make you, you. Then we work with you to find the perfect location for your session- green space, a garden, the beach, a farm, maybe your backyard, the field where you play a sport, or possibly something more urban. The options are endless but the location should speak to you. Finally, we help you select your outfit(s). Our portrait guide has lots of ideas of what to wear and what to bring with you. And we love it when our clients text us what they choose. We can’t help but get as excited as you do! 


We meet at your spot and play. Yes, play. We get the great yearbook photos and the ones for family but also make sure to get images that are truly special, works of art you will treasure. And don’t worry, now that we know each other a bit better, this is easy and fun. We have tons of pose ideas and also love working with your ideas. You will look and feel beautiful! 

The Best Part.

You get your first look at your images. We have to warn you; there may be tears. (Mom’s can’t help it sometimes and we don’t blame them one bit.) Once you have selected your yearbook photo, it’s time to figure out how to share these amazing photos- is a handcrafted, custom designed album best for your family or perhaps a canvas or framed art print? We will work with you to discover the best way to enjoy these images for years to come.

But we can’t do any of this until you reach out, so fill out this form and let’s get started!