We love weddings, yes we do. But there is nothing like your very own wedding.

But not only was our wedding amazing and the beginning of a grand adventure, it offered us a chance to learn more about ourselves, what matters to us and how to be better wedding photographers. Here are some of the things we learned:

  1. We love, love, love the photos of our family and friends. Our pics are pretty but seeing them happy and engaging with each other always makes us smile.
  2. Wedding time is a real thing. As the bride and groom, you have no idea that you are late or how long you are actually taking, because you really wish you could stop time. Alas you can’t. Everything zips by. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is still amazing, and hopefully you get some great documentation of the day so you can relive it. Plus planning more events for the weekend makes it seem a little longer.
  3. What people care about- you. They want to help. Let them.
  4. What people don’t care about- wedding favors and aisle runners.
  5. Hire good people and let it go.
  6. In particular, surround yourself with pros you trust and like. You will be more at ease and happier about handing over the checks.
  7. Take time to enjoy the day. Look around, especially during the ceremony. Let the warmth sweep over you. Breathe it in. This is some really good stuff.

And now here’s a little glimpse at August 28, 2005. It’s lucky 13!

Venues: Oakland Morcom Rose Garden, Hacienda de Las Flores | Photo creds to: Christine Luong, Peter Chang, Bob Kaplan and Jay Kelly Photography.

Bride extends tea to father for Chinese tea ceremony


Groom hugs his father before wedding


Groom and bride pose for wedding portrait


Chinese wedding banner


Groomsmen carry chuppah before wedding


Outdoor wedding in San Francisco


Bride and groom marry under Chinese chuppah


Bride and groom say their wedding vows


Bride and groom say vows among wedding guests


Bride and groom place hands on each other's hearts at alter


Groomsmen hold hands


Groom stomps the glass at wedding


Bride and groom celebrate marriage at wedding


Bride and groom pose on bridge


Bride and groom smile at each other under the sun


Huge group of wedding guests pose for picture outside


Groom dips bride during first dance


Wedding guests laugh on dance floor


Wedding guests dance outside on dance floor


Bride dances with father


Bride and groom leave wedding for hotel


Final wedding guests dance away the night