Amanda and Ed are both scientists, but they do not fit the mold the word conjures up. Of course, I never saw either of them in their lab jackets, but still… As a couple, they are sweet, romantic, in tune with each other. As individuals, they are intelligent, creative, talented. Their wedding day brought together their style, their love of family, and their connection to Boston.

Talented? Case in point. Ed carved this traditional Welsh lovespoon himself; it’s all from one piece of wood. Typically this is given earlier in the relationship, but Ed’s gift on their wedding morning couldn’t have been more sweet or more appreciated. We included the engagement ring in the photo, another very special gift.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- engagement ring shot with wedding gift

And the wedding ringshot on the Globe.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- ring shot on days boston globe newspaper

And now to Ed, during his getting ready at the Copley Plaza. Did I mention his sense of humor?

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- groom spiffying up for bride

The gents took the stairs down to the Oak Room, for a toast before the ceremony.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- groom and groomsmen head off to church from hotel

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- groom and groomsmen drinking a beer in oak room before ceremony

A good opportunity for a portrait of our dashing groom.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- groom in the oak room

Meanwhile, the ladies were still getting ready. Dani Wagener provided her expertise for Amanda’s make-up.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- bride with make-up being put on by dani wagener

Love this photo of Amanda’s wedding dress in her hotel room; mysterious and romantic.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- brides wedding dress in window of hotel room

Such intricate and beautiful detailing.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- back of bride in her wedding gown with glam belt

Amanda is a classic beauty; she chose to keep her personal style natural, simple, elegant. It was perfect for her.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- bride at window sill looking out at copley square

The ladies also enjoyed a toast before the ceremony.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- a toast with the bridesmaids before the ceremony

So pretty.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- beautiful bridal portrait

Her church is across the square and she can see it from the window. Getting ready for her big day, she looks out.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- bride with veil silhouette

The ceremony in the Gordon Chapel of the Old South Church had a very intimate feel. I also especially liked the Gothic look of the space as it reminded of Duke, where Amanda went to school (about 10 years after me).

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- bride and groom during ceremony

They included readings by friends.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- speaker reading during ceremony

This little gal really wanted to be with the bride.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- little girl guest tries to run away down the aisle

Afterwards we took portraits in and around the church and on the square lawn. A casual bridal party shot.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- fun bridal party shot outside

A classic bride and groom (aka husband and wife) portrait.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-old-south-church- bride and groom portrait

When we finished up there, I hopped in a cab with Amanda and Ed to take photos at the Public Gardens. Love this moment in the taxi. Definitely one of my favorite photos of the year.


More to come for sure… there were tons of amazing portraits at the Garden and a great party with their wonderful families, so check back soon.