You may have already read about Amanda and Greg’s wedding on Style Me Pretty, but I wanted to share a few more of my favorite images and a bit more of their story here for our readers. And of course you can check out the story (and leave comments, etc) there as well.

Let me start by saying that Amanda and Greg are awesome. He was pretty laid back about all of the wedding stuff; she had definite ideas. And her ideas were amazing! Amanda is a lady all sewn up with style- from head to toe, truly. Her dress, her shoes, her hair, her make-up, her jewelry= stunning. The decor, the location, the food= fantastic. Throughout the planning, Greg provided the witty commentary that was needed to balance Amanda’s perfect vision.

When we were able to finally meet in person at their engagement session (virtual conversation up until then due to their living out of state), I knew their wedding was going to be an absolute blast. And it really was. These two set the stage for an incredible party; their friends and family obliged with energetic dancing and celebratory spirit. And it was a great way for us to conclude our 2011 wedding season. So let’s get to sharing some pics….

Amanda checking out the work of her make-up artist, natural beauty shining through.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride getting ready reflection

Having chosen to see each other beforehand, Greg and Amanda enjoyed a first look on one of the catwalks at the Liberty. Greg’s big smile.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride and groom first look

And a beautiful silhouette, kiss, and pretty fall views from the hotel.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride and groom kiss after first look with city view through architectural detail- beautiful fall day

A fun bridal party pic. The Liberty Hotel is an old jail and as such still has some of the prison character.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride and groom and bridal party with jail theme at old prison

Couple portraits. One of my favorites is always the moment before the kiss.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride and groom portraits - moment between kiss and no kiss

A few of Greg.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- groom in the jailhouse

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- groom portrait with red brick background

Did I not say she had amazing style? I totally love her dress by Lazaro.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride in beautiful lazaro gown with groom at wedding venue

Ruffly fun for this bridal portrait.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride wrapped in ruffles

Amanda went to hide away before her guests arrived, but Greg got to check out the ceremony space. He was pretty excited about the day!


The ceremony included all sorts of personal touches, with only ladies standing up for the Bride and a family ceremony for the groom’s daughter, Olivia. It was truly special. Here, Olivia walks down the aisle in her role as junior bridesmaid.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- flower girl daughter of groom walks down the aisle

Amanda’s entrance.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride as about to walk down asile with parents and beautiful lazaro wedding dress

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo captured by Dave. Everyone is so happy and Amanda is absolutely glowing as her Dad kisses her.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- father of bride gives big kiss to the bride

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. She can’t stop smiling at her groom.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall- bride gazes at her groom with huge smiles for husband

Sealed with a kiss.

liberty-hotel-wedding-ceremony-fall husband and wife kiss

Such a beautiful beginning to their lives together as husband and wife. And in their next entry, it’s all about the party! Get ready for some real fun.