For Monica and Ramy’s engagement session, they wanted to highlight some of their favorite parts of Boston– the red bricks and the green spaces. They chose the North End to do the former, and I suggested Christopher Columbus park for the latter. These two are side-by-side and perfectly compliment each other.

Monica shared one specific vision with me for their session, an image of them in a cafe, viewed through a window. We ended up finding this perfect little wine bar. So romantic.


Thinking back, we must have rescheduled this session a thousand times due to weather, but when we finally were able to do it, we were so lucky. We had a perfectly beautiful day with sunlight bouncing all around. This next image was captured with sunlight reflecting off a window. I love the warmth of it and the tenderness of their embrace.


One of my favorite spots in our Little Italy is this square that is actually a triangle. It’s across from Paul Revere‘s house, but also nearby some really cute restaurants. It’s often very crowded. Thank goodness, these two weren’t at all shy.


Did I mention that Ramy is a comedian? And Monica is a singer and dancer? They actually met while working on a production of Guys and Dolls. It was Ramy’s first stage show, so Monica showed him the ropes.


That also meant we had to fit a bit of dancing into our shoot.


There are also cute little shops that absolutely remind me of Italy. And the old fashioned looking bike didn’t hurt.


Ambiance and moments…


And flirtatious feet.


Stolen kisses.


Lookin’ good.


When I think of Christopher Columbus Park, I immediately think of the green archway. That said, I hadn’t seen it in a while and didn’t realize how much it had grown in. It was absolutely beautiful. A perfect backdrop for more formal portraits.


I had no idea there was this beautiful little rose garden here. Of course, they had to stop and smell the roses, and seal it with a kiss.


A truly fun evening with a wonderful couple. Their wedding at Belle Mer was just a few weeks ago (yup, we were cutting it a bit close with their session- all that darn rain) and it was absolutely fabulous. Can’t wait to share those photos too!

But if you want more now, check out their e-session slideshow.