Taking a tour of the North End with Johnnie and Eleni was such a treat. This is one area of Boston that really speaks to who Johnnie is and the birth of their relationship. Not only does he seem to know everyone in town and every little nook and cranny of the neighborhood, but he took Eleni here for their first date. So we also got to hear the stories of that fateful night. Of course, the other treat came at the end of the session when we took their advice and picked up a cannoli at Modern Pastry.

One of my favorite images because it totally feels like Eleni and John. I can’t help falling in love with them.

north-end-boston-engagement-session bride and groom to be laughing in the street

north-end-boston-engagement-session- bride and groom snuggling by red brick

\north-end-boston-engagement-session- groom to be looking in the camera for portrait

north-end-boston-engagement-session- fiance kissing in the streets of MA

One of the things Johnnie wanted was to capture the alleyways and hidden places of the North End. So we ventured off Hanover Street and away from the Freedom Trail. We found beautiful secluded spots.

north-end-boston-engagement-session- couple in a hidden alley with a fire escape

Another favorite place of theirs is the narrowest house (and boy is it narrow), and they love the ironwork by that alley. So….


north-end-boston-engagement-session- eleni and john kiss in motorcycle mirror with movie flair

north-end-boston-engagement-session- snuggling in an alcove

north-end-boston-engagement-session- beautiful portrait of married couple to be

Of course, since they had their first date here, we wanted to pop in and capture a few images for them there. The folks at Bricco were very gracious about letting us hang out at the bar for a few minutes.

north-end-boston-engagement-session- first date at bricco leads to kissing portrait at the bar

A perfect afternoon all around. Really, there are tons more of amazing images. So if you can’t wait for their fall wedding at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral and the Charles Hotel, definitely check out their slideshow.