So this spring has been nothing if not rainy and dreary, but sometimes you make a go of it anyway. What comes out are some great photos and a really fun afternoon. So it was with Erica and Bill’s e-session. Erica didn’t want to wait any longer to do her engagement session; she and Bill were up for a little rain and wind. And the rest is history….


We met up at Fan Pier by the Boston courthouse, offering great views of downtown Boston even on this gray day and some absolutely beautiful flowering trees.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- flowering trees erica and bill

Did I mentioned that it was windy and rainy? Not the whole time, but we certainly felt a few drops. Of course, that didn’t deter these two. Romantic, no?

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a bit of rain and an umbrella by the boston harbor

And we had lots of laughs.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- giggling and enjoying the moment

Love the contrast of stealy blue water and a soft tender moment.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- snuggling by the boston harbor

Another smooch.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a kiss by the boston harbor and water views

Yup. Boston is beautiful. And I can almost hear the music they might be dancing to on the dock.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- dancing with a view of downtown boston on a rainy day

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- the bridge to downtown boston

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a barefoot kiss on the bridge to boston

The Barking Crab wall is one of my favorite spots. And on a gray day, the color is even more fun.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- barking crab hotties

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- chilling by the childrens museum

So glad we ventured out in the not-so-perfect weather and were able to capture these of Erica and Bill. If you want to see a few more, check out their slideshow.