If you are anything like me, you have always wanted to be a part of a TV production- to see what happens backstage, so to speak; to watch as the characters move on and off screen; to observe the camera crews and the director. Well, Dave had just that opportunity when he photographed Christina and Ed’s wedding for WeTV’s My Fair Wedding. He followed the planner and star of the show, David Tutera, as well as capturing the bride and groom and their wedding details. So you feel like you were actually part of the shoot. Since I posted about the book earlier this week, I thought I would share the behind the scenes photos today.


Tutera is not only an amazing planner, he’s a fabulous designer. He created a beautiful Mexican inspired wedding for Christina, whose Riviera Maya destination wedding had to be canceled. His first stop was to check on the decor at the hotel where the reception would be. His team was already doing a great job; he added a few more touches to the look.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- preparing the flowers and candles for the reception of this mexican inspired wedding in staten island ny

Next he visited the bride who was in the process of getting her hair and make-up done.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- popping in to check on the bride during her getting ready and to bring her wedding gown- a david tutera by faviana bridal collection convertible dress

Never a private moment on a TV show.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- more cameras than you imagine as tutera checks on his bride

This is when he reminded Christina of the 3 dresses she tried on. He is about to tell her which one he chose for her. (This also happens to be one of my fave moments each episode of the show. I can’t help loving that they don’t know which gown he chose. The suspense is super fun. And while most women wouldn’t want someone else to chose this most important of all dresses, I actually would have loved it. I had such a hard time figuring out what to get.)

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- discussing the exciting stuff that will be happening during the day

Before and during the ceremony, there is tons going on both behind the camera and in front of the camera. These portraits show how David is working to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Before the ceremony he is checking to see everything is in place. As guests arrive, he greets them and helps them get where they need to be. During the ceremony, he is watching here, there and everywhere.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- during the ceremony david tutera watches all different aspects to make sure things go off without a hitch

Being on a public Staten Island beach with lots of cameras, the wedding was sure to draw a crowd.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- public beach in staten island offers passers by their own chance to watch a tv show in the making

Still, the crew was pretty inconspicous during the ceremony. One team all the way back and two teams on the side at the front. No guests’ views were interrupted. As photographers, we pride ourselves on putting the wedding first. After all that’s why we are all there. So it is really nice that Tutera’s team also has this in their mind, even when their work is for TV.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- a wedding ceremony like others, but with big tv cameras- on staten island beach, new york

After the ceremony, whether for TV or not, David brings his couples into the reception hall before all of the other guests, so that they can actually take a moment to enjoy the space he has created for them. So they can check out the details they have thought about and planned with him. Christina and Ed are clearly enamored with their colorful chocolate cake.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- david brings the bride and groom in to their reception site so they can see what he has created for them

Their first dance in the dreamy tropical space.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- dancing in a dreamy site with greens hanging from the chandeliers and lighting

One question we get about the show and working with David is: Is he really that nice? The answer is absolutely 100% yes. He is a truly down-to-earth, caring gentleman AND he likes to have a good time. He doesn’t dance at every wedding but when appropriate, he will enjoy the party with the couple and their guests. Enjoying a moment with the bride.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- tutera enjoys the party as well, dancing with the bride during the staten island ny reception

Dancing with a bridesmaid.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- dancing with a bridesmaid during the reception at staten island hotel on the beach in ny

Clearly he felt a connection with this group and they with him. They even invited him into their group hug.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- part of a group hug with bridesmaid bride groom groomsmen after fireworks

The folks who make it a televsion show. Yup, that’s a lot of paparazzi.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- the film crew

And finally, David and David.

david-tutera-my-fair-wedding-behind-the-scenes- david lee of allegro photography with david tutera of my fair wedding at the end of the night

What a great day to be a part of! We are so thankful to David Tutera and his team for asking us to photograph this My Fair Wedding episode.