The thing about being a photographer is that it is all too easy to miss documenting your own life. And even more challenging to create photos of you with your family. We knew we wanted photos with our Giant Schnauzer Max (we have tons of images of him, and tons of him with each of us, but very few with him and both Dave and I). We also knew we were not alone in needing photos with our beloved canine baby. Amy Hawkes of Click Imagery is a supremely talented photographer in the Boston area, and she has a fabulous furkid, Jaxon. So we proposed a trade.

On one lovely afternoon in June, we ventured to Wellesley College‘s beautiful gardens for family photography and then a bite to eat. And here we have a few of our faves from the session.

Amy and Jax, all smiles.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- college gardens portrait

Sweet moment.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- college campus

Love how Jaxon looks up at Amy. So expectant and attentive.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog and owner

Amy has a great sense of humor. This one absolutely captures the amusement in her relationship with Jaxon.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- furkid session

More smiles.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- happy dog and owner

Jaxon is a ball dog. And for those of you who have ball dogs, you understand the intensity involved.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- ball dog getting his fave toy

Communicating about the ball.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- ball dog under a tree

A simple portrait of Amy’s best friend.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- handsome on a rock

Dave was fascinated with Jax’s squirrel like tail. (I imagine this was because Max didn’t have one, but I can’t be sure.)

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog tail

We left the cover of the trees for the warmth of the grasses. Jaxon has beautiful bright brown eyes.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- in the brush bright eyes

Another thing about Amy, she’s a competitive runner and triathlete. So she and Jax often enjoy jogging together.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog and mom running

Oh and a super cute High 5 trick.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- high five or ten- paws in the air- furkid session- dogumentary photography

One last image, I think this is Dave’s favorite from the whole furkid session. So funny and whimsical.


Many thanks to Amy and Jaxon for spending the afternoon with us in Wellesley and being such great models. We love you guys!