This past September, I had the pleasure of working with Mimosa on a table top design they created for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. I arrived early to help determine the best spot for the table with regards to lighting. So I was able to watch Teresa Fung and her talented team work. Oh my! What a treat. They are such artists, only instead of painting with oils or watercolors, they paint in three dimentions with flowers and plants, with linens and tableware. As they were working, I observed and I documented; I was captivated.

Our story starts at Mistral Restaurant, the location for our shoot. Their very chic private events space and wine room was the backdrop for the table.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- mistral restaurant rehearsal dinner venue, boston ma

Teresa had already prepped some of the floral before she arrived. In particular, the very time intensive work of attaching orchids to willow branches.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- orchids on willow branches- floral design with pink and white- mistral, boston, massachusetts

Some pieces had to be assembled on site. I was fascinated by these clear gelatinous balls that are nearly clear when you add water.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- florist prepares centerpieces for wedding floral design- boston massachusetts

They allowed plants, such as these succulents, to appear as if they were floating in a glass vase.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- purple and blue succulent suspended in glass container for floral design arrangement- boston ma

So creative, this design used glass candelabras as containers for floral.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- florish prepares green flowers to drape below white orchids for centerpiece and table arrangement for wedding style magazine- boston mass

Teresa is very hands-on. She would look at the design from every angle and make adjustments to the flowers or the linens or the glassware, seeking perfection.


Even the tiniest details were thought of. These miniature flowers were strung around tall vases.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- details of mini roses draped around glass vases for floral arrangements- go wedding style magazine- boston ma

Pinks of all shades.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- pink roses and fragrant flowers details from centerpiece boston ma mistral restaurant wedding venue

Love the burgundy calla lily on the square plate. (Idea for Valentine’s Day?)

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style-square plate with burgundy calla lily and diamond napkin ring- go wedding style magazine- intimate wedding- boston ma

Gorgeous. Gorgeous flowers.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- pink flowers- intimate wedding venue- mistral- boston ma

Even the linens had a floral feel. And Teresa had two options so that she could see how the whole look came together- one lavender and one this deeper fuchsia color.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- magenta fuchsia burgundy chair linen for floral design and room arrangement- wedding style magazine- boston ma

Another look as the pieces are coming together.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style-teresa fung arranges flowers for her floral design at mistral

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- details of white orchids and green flowers in candlesticks- boston ma

Sometimes it just takes four hands to get the flowers to cooperate.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- florists put finishing touches on centerpiece at mistral wedding venue

And finally, everything is complete. Simply magical. Love the arch and how it frames the candles and softens the wall in the background.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- detail of willow branches and orchids with candles in background- wedding inspirations- pink white green lavender burgundy

Romantic glassware.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- wedding floral inspiration orchids roses amber glassware-

The vision. I couldn’t get over how beautiful this was. I know I would feel immensely special eating a meal at such a beautiful table.

grace-ormonde-tabletop-mimosa-style- completed design

And ultimately published in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. Congrats to Teresa and the whole Mimosa team. Such an absolutely beautiful work of art!

GO cover 2011NE table top and cover- published grace ormonde wedding style- mimosa style- floral design- boston ma- mistral

Many professionals contributed products and services to bring this look together. Special thanks to all those involved:
Venue: Mistral, Boston, MA
Table and Floral Design, Glassware: Mimosa Fresh Flower Design, Boston, MA
Linens: Wildflower Linen, Buena Park, CA
China, Flatware and Chairs: Rentals Unlimited, Stoughton, MA
Vases: Tommy Wholesale, Boston, MA

Thank you to all of our colleagues!