It was a crisp fall day when Mollie married Matt. The sunshine brought out the blues, greens and stunning fall reds, golds and oranges, creating a beautiful backdrop for their celebration. There was also a warmth running throughout the day, the comfort of loved ones and special familial traditions. Mollie got ready at her grandmother’s house, as her mother had done before her. She and Matt wed in the same church as her parents had wed. And even some of the photography hearkened back to Mollie’s mom’s bridal portraits. Throughout the day, the family bonds shone through.

Dave and I started with Mollie as she was getting ready. And she actually started by helping her sister.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- bride helping sister get ready in the northshore, mass

Her sister, of course, returned the favor. Putting on her beautiful long veil was no simple task.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- putting bride's veil on in north shore of boston mass

Dave headed over to the gents who were arriving at the church, while I did a few portraits of Mollie. The warm wood panelling was a lovely accent to her photos.


As was this delicious light.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- bridal portrait in the north shore of boston mass

Dave arrived at the church and it was clear the fall was still bursting out.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- fall view at church in northshore

A few moments with Matt, allowed for a series of portraits.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- groom's portrait at the north shore church

Mollie and her dad were ready to get the show on the road.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- bride and her dad in the limo preparing to go to the north shore catholic church for ceremony

Loving this sweet moment of father and son, prior to the ceremony.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- ringbearer and his dad figuring out the camera prior to the ceremony

We also learned that the priest who presided over the ceremony was a cousin of Mollie’s. It added a personal element to the ceremony as he shared stories from the family’s history.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- bride and groom at altar in cathdolic church- northshore ma

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- priest and cousin of bride gives sermon in northshore catholic church

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- sister of bride listens to ceremony during cathdolic mass

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- guests listen attentively during catholic ceremony

Loving this stolen moment between our bride and groom.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- groom looks at bride during church ceremony

Perhaps my favorite part of the Catholic wedding ceremony is the moment when guests greet each other. It is such a warm way for everyone to connect.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- groom hugs his dad during catholic mass ceremony

And just a quick peek of what’s to come when I share from the second part of the day. All kinds of fun details and beautiful touches. These two lovebirds were inside a birdcage which collected cards. Sweetness.

crane-estate-wedding-ipswich-ma- bride and groom doves in a cage for collecting cards and gifts at castle hill

Check back soon for more from the rest of Mollie and Matt’s beautiful fall wedding reception at the Crane Estate, including stunning portraits, inspiring details and one heck of a party. In the meantime, you can also check out the slideshow from their engagement session.