I have a problem. And here’s the gist of it. Lindsay and Alex’s wedding was simply too beautiful. They are both stunning individuals, inside and out. Really, you won’t be able to resist falling in love with them. Their friends and family are great. The emotions were fun, crazy, sweet, joyful. And then wait til you see Lindsay’s decor choices. So I have a problem. It’s not my fault. But really, faced with so much awesomeness, I couldn’t choose just a few photos. So here we are and there are a lot of photos in Lindsay and Alex’s sneak peek. I guess it’s more of a part one than a sneak peek. And I beg your pardon and your indulgence as I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy.

I started the day with Lindsay at a fabulous apartment in Brookline. When I arrived the place was bustling. Lindsay was getting her hair done and the florist had just arrived with the personal flowers. Truly Lindsay was blown away. I do believe she had tears in her eyes. Her bouquet was just what she wanted.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride getting ready brookline massachusetts apartment sees her bouquet for first time

That’s her dad. Yup, he’s bringing her dress to the bedroom for me to photograph it. But really I just like seeing him hold the dress.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- dad holds elie saab wedding gown for his daughter and bride

Putting her gown on.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bridesmaid helps bride into her wedding gown on her wedding day- brookline mass

And her necklace. Love the softness of this one.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- helping put on her jewelry for bride, necklace in brookline massachusetts

Oh my goodness. She takes my breath away.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- portrait of bride at apartment in brookline mass

Checking herself out and a few final touches by one of her bridesmaids.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- mirror and reflection of bride as she examines her look on her wedding day- brookline massachusetts

Then she sees her dad.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride sees her dad on her wedding day- brookline apartment getting ready

On the way out.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride leaving the apartment shoe and bottom of the dress shot- brookline ma getting ready photos

Meanwhile, Dave and our associate Nikki met up with Alex and his boys at the Fairmont Copley Plaza (where we would end our evening). They dashed off to the Public Garden (where Alex would see Lindsay for the first time in her wedding dress).

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- groom and groomsmen in the limo on way to see his bride -left the fairmont copley plaza to go to  the public gardens

While they were waiting for us, they popped into Cheers and Dave captured this portrait. Very masculine.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- groom portrait in cheers bar across from public garden

Not too long after, the ladies arrived.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride departs limo and goes to meet groom in public garden

Nikki captured Alex with his back to Lindsay so he wouldn’t see her before he was supposed to.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- groom waits for his bride in the public garden being watched over by an angel

And then, he sees his bride.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- groom sees his bride and huge smile- public garden photo

And she sees him.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride sees groom under the trees of the public garden- portraits


fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride and groom holding hands- public garden portraits

We photographed several family portraits in the park and a few details. Dave really liked the softness of Lindsay’s dress next to the hard polished look of the stones.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- brides dress detail in the public gardens

Alex and the crew hopped into their limos. But Lindsay and her dad had a special vintage car and driver. No windows, just a clear view of the city.


Time for the ceremony. This little one was more than ready. He even walked down the aisle before it was actually his turn.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- ring bearer in the greek orthodox annunication cathedral

Did I mention that I love their families?

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- grandmas hug at the greek orthodox cathedral

Alex getting ready to see Lindsay for the second first time.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- groom awaits his bride at the alter of the annunciation cathedral

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral is one of my favorite ceremony sites in Boston. It is simply gorgeous. Nikki captured this image from the balcony. You can totally get a sense of the beauty of the space.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride walks down the aisle with her dad in the greek orthodox cathedral- presided over by the greek orthodox bishop

But you can’t beat this moment. She looks so happy to be walking down the aisle.

fairmont-copley-plaza-greek-wedding-boston-ma- bride on her dad's arm walking down the aisle at the annunciation cathedral

I hope you enjoyed part one as much as I did. There are so many more great photos to come, from the ceremony, from Lindsay and Alex’s portraits, from the reception and all of their amazing details. In the meantime, you should definitely check out their engagement session along the Charles River.