During her speech, Ariel’s sister shared a story about a time when she was in elementary school and she brought someone super special to show and tell, because that someone was so wonderful she wanted to share. Ariel and David’s wedding was one of those things that’s so beautiful, I would bring it to Show and Tell, if I could. So today we have a virtual Show and Tell.

Ariel and David’s wedding day was filled with warmth, overwhelming emotions and so much love. Tears were spilling all over the place amidst huge infectious smiles. Such joy at every turn. The energy and the ease of the day balanced just so, allowing our bride and groom to feel relaxed and excited all at the same time.

I started with Ariel for a few details and getting ready photos.


One of the things I remember strongly from our first meeting was that Ariel had a vision for jewel tones to be incorporated into her wedding design. I had no idea this would play out in such fun ways. For instance, she wore emerald green shoes under her wedding dress. Love it.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- green wedding shoes and love sign- details

Her sister/maid of honor helped her get into her dress.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- maid of honor helps bride into her dress- metro west boston

The rest of the bridesmaids and her mom also assisted.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- sister of bride and mother of bride help her into her dress- hillside wedding- historic site

Meanwhile, my associate Rene was hanging with the boys, capturing their getting ready downstairs.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- groom helps groomsman get ready- boston suburbs

Apparently this handkerchief took awhile to fold just right, though it looks effortless here.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- groom's suit very stylish with colorful pocket handkerchief- western northern suburb of boston

Ariel and David chose to see each before the ceremony, in part so that they had time for their portraits before the sun went down. I am so glad they did. They had a beautiful, private chance to take each other in. And then they had simply lovely light for their portraits.

On her way to her groom.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- bride walks to see her groom for first time on their wedding day

David waiting for her to approach.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- groom awaits his bride for first time on wedding day

The Fruitlands Museum, where Ariel and David, celebrated their wedding has absolutely beautiful grounds- gardens, forests, fields and varied historic buildings. We wanted to stay away from the ceremony site, so spent our time amidst the trees and the meadow.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- bride and groom on the grounds of the historic site enjoying the scenery- massachusetts

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- bride and groom by the fountain in the gardens of the historic venue

And did I mention the funky tree sculptures? I wasn’t sure I was going to take any photos with them but then Ariel told me that her aunt had a connection to the artist. Honestly, this turns out to be one of my favorite images. It feels like this guy is protecting them or looking out for them in some fashion.

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- crazy tree sculpture with bride and groom on the site grounds

So loving this smile on Ariel’s face as we head to the ceremony. Time to get married!

fruitlands-museum-wedding-harvard-ma-ariel-david- big smiles from the bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle for her wedding ceremony- massachusetts couple

Just a tease for now. More soon with photos from their beautiful ceremony overlooking the hills at sunset and their wonderfully fun party.

Want more from Ariel and David now? I highly recommend viewing their engagement photos. Beautiful!