The couple that boxes together, stays together.

Initially when we met with Anna and talked about her and Johnny’s engagement session, we thought we might do something at a pizza joint. They met while she worked with him at a pizzeria. I imagined flour being tossed and pizza being made. They would have been great photos. When we started making plans this fall, they had come up with the idea of boxing, as they attend a boxing gym together. I absolutely ADORED this idea. Immediately I had an idea for a photo I wanted to create. As it turns out, Dave also immediately had an idea. They were both different and both exciting. I couldn’t wait.

First, Dave’s concept. Larz Anderson was perfect for it. Anna and Johnny appear to be at the top of a ridge, fighting to the finish. Love the angle and color of Dave’s vision.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- fiance battle it out boxing match on a hill outside boston

My angle on Dave’s idea. Don’t mess with Anna.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- bride to be winning the boxing match- pink gloves

My vision was to create something akin to a Sports Illustrated cover or a boxing poster. I wanted off-camera flash (something we almost never use, but every tool has its time and place) times 2. The goal was to turn the sky dark by underexposing it and flash Anna and Johnny, giving them a surreal prominence and power. I am so excited by the way these came out.


This one actually reminds of a scene from The Princess Bride (Anna I will lend it to you, don’t let me forget). The one in which the Man in Black is dueling with Inigo in the ruins.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- sports illustrated meets princess bride in boxing match dual- ruins

Anna and Johnny chose Larz Anderson as the backdrop for their portraits for a couple of reasons, one of which was the Boston skyline views. Horsing around on the hills.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- bride to be tackles her groom during boxing match on the hill with views of boston

Another reason was because Johnny grew up in Brookline and had spent a lot of his younger years in the park. He knew it inside and out.

After we had played around enough, they changed into regular clothes for a few more traditional portraits. Together on the lawn.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- sweet e-session portrait in the grass

One of Anna alone. So pretty and at ease.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- bride to be has her portrait taken on the lawn

Capturing the beginning of fall and one sweet kiss.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- fall leaves in the background for this beautiful portrait of our bride and groom to be

We made our way to this beautiful rain pavillion for a few more. Loving the interactions of these two.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- sweet glances by the bride and groom to be

And in the gorgeous scene.

lars-anderson-park-engagement-session-brookline-ma- a picturesque scene of the bride and groom to be with columns during e-session, massachusetts

Really, this session was so much fun. Anna and Johnny really got into the photos and shared their ideas. Plus how often do you get such a knock out couple knocking each other out? I would highly recommend checking out a few more images here.