A shared history and personalities that fit just so, Junnie and Wing are definitely starting their baby-to-be off on the right foot. Both Junnie and Wing were born in other countries but came to the US as young adults. They found each other at their church and realized they each filled in the others’ gaps, just like matching puzzle pieces. A perfect example- Wing is the artist and graphic designer; Junnie is the financial organizer and accountant. They are the yin to the other’s yang. Their little one is lucky to have such a great balance from the get-go.


We met up with Junnie and Wing to photograph their maternity session on a cool October afternoon. Starting off in Boston‘s beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- beacon hill pregnancy photos, boston ma

And did I mention how adorable these two are? Good genes indeed.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family portraits in beacon hill- pregnancy, massachusetts

The blue skies were intermittent so Dave made sure to highlight them when we saw them.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- beacon hill family portraits

Loving this photo of Junnie.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- wellesley portrait photographer

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- by weston portrait photographers

We made our way to the Boston Common for a little greenery and in the hopes of some fall color.

Making a wish…

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family portraits by dover portrait photographers, massachusetts

We found the greenery. Autumn leaves were more elusive.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- in the commons with sherborn family portrait photographers

One of my absolute faves over at the Public Garden. An abstract family portrait.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family photographs by wellesley portrait photographers

We had such a great time hanging out with these two. Highly recommend checking out their slideshow cause these two were so sweet and even brought props for their session. Enjoy!