For Emily and Yeung, we kicked off the day with a few Chinese traditions. Emily was tucked away in their new house with her close friends and family. Yeung and his boys arrived to "break in" and get to his bride. And they came bearing the flowers. Very nice!

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- groom and groomsmen bringing flowers to bride for chinese tea ceremony- needham ma

From the inside, I could catch glimpses of the groomsmen as they tried to negotiate their way in.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- groomsman helping at door to get bride in needham massachusetts

And I was able to spend a little time with Emily, as she observed the boys’ efforts from above.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- bride watches on as groom and groomsmen try to get in during games of chinese tea ceremony in needham ma

And also capture a few details, such as the shoes she wore with her Xi-pao.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- bride's shoes for red dress- dorothy- needham mass

Eventually the boys were allowed inside. Yeung wasted no time; he jumped over the barricade on the stairs and rushed towards his bride with flowers in hand.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- groom brings bouquet to bride- needham ma

Emily greeted Yeung with smiles and the two of them joined their guests downstairs for the traditional tea ceremony. It was followed by a few portraits. Here, a silhouette of our bride and groom.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- bride and groom silhouette after tea ceremony is over at home in western suburbs of boston ma

It was then time to head to the hotel where they would host their Western ceremony. Emily had a room where she could change into her white wedding dress.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- bride's western wedding gown in quincy marriott room during getting ready

Her girls helped get her into her ballgown.


Love that smile.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- bride during getting ready at marriott south of boston, ma

And check out the necklace she chose, such a great match for her gown.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- details from bride's wedding gown with veil and necklace- south of boston, ma

Yeung and his groomsmen also had some touching up to do.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- groom getting ready at hotel south of boston, massachusetts

As soon as everyone was ready, they prepared for the ceremony to begin. Yeung waited at the end of the aisle and the guests peered anxiously towards the door for Emily’s entrance.

emily-yeung-boston-chinese-wedding- guests eagerly await bride's entrance down the aisle for hotel ceremony south of boston ma

I leave you with that little cliff hanger. More to come soon from the ceremony, portraits and their Chinese banquet.

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