When two people fit like a glove, their wedding day is an affirmation of what everyone present knows and trusts- that they belong together and that it couldn’t be any other way. So it was with Becky and Neil. From the very beginning, Becky and Neil found they had so much in common- there was the obvious passion for chemistry, but also less obvious things like their style and approach to the world. Being a part of their wedding day was such a joy. They were truly relaxed on the day and each of them was so excited to get to marry the other.

Becky and Neil started their day at the Royal Sonesta, where they each got ready. Dave spent most of his time with Neil and I got to hang with Becky and the ladies. I started off with a few details. Becky’s color theme was black and white formality with a splash of red to spice things up. She even had a red sash added to her wedding dress.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- brides wedding gown at the royal sonesta- white with a splash of red

The white and ivory bouquet of roses and freesia for Becky; the red roses were for the bridesmaids.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- brides bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets- white and red roses at the royal sonesta

Becky helped her dad (who also happened to be her officiant) with the boutonniere.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- bride helps dad with boutonniere

And as Becky did a few finishing touches, her bridesmaids watched on.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- bridesmaids look on as bride gets ready

Meanwhile, Neil was getting gussied up himself.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- groom getting ready at the royal sonesta in cambridge ma

One of my favorite parts of the day was actually the "transportation." As they had chosen to get ready at the Royal Sonesta which was literally around the corner from the Museum of Science, their wedding venue, they elected to walk. So fun.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- groom and groomsmen walk along the Charles river to get to the mos for their wedding

It was a brilliantly gorgeous day, perfect for a stroll. Along the way, Becky was treated to honks and hollers of congratulations from passers by.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- bride walks with brother and bridesmaids and mob from royal sonesta hotel to mos for ceremony in cambridge ma

Not a bad view from the pavillion at the Museum of Science.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- view of duck boat and charles river from ceremony site- pavillion at mos

And we were ready for the ceremony to begin. Neil walked down the aisle with his mom and dad. I love how all three of them look so proud and so happy.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- groom walks down aisle with mom and dad

Becky soon followed, escorted by her mom and her brother.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding- bride walks down aisle at mos with mom and brother, cambridge ma

She and her mom exchanged a kiss, with smiles from her brother, before she greeted Neil as her groom.


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