I can’t imagine a more perfect day to enjoy the photos from Suzanne and Andy’s wedding. I am sitting in our Boston studio and it is all dreariness and rain outside, but in front of me, on my computer screen, I get to see all kinds of sunshine. The day was beautiful, true, but I think the brightest part of the day was definitively our bride and groom. They couldn’t be more full of energy and fun. You will see it in the way they look at each other, in the way they interact with their friends and family, and in the way they celebrate.

Suzanne and Andy chose to see each other before their ceremony. They had a private moment in the gardens at StoneTree Golf Club to drink each other up. Suzanne approached Andy and teased him a little before she asked him to turn around.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride and groom see each other for the first time- SF Bay area wedding venue

He couldn’t stop looking at her. She was absolutely stunning.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride and groom enjoy moments together before the ceremony during their portrait session

We took the opportunity to do their portraits before hand. Not only did they look their freshest and had plenty of time for some great photos, but they were then able to enjoy all of their cocktail hour. It was the perfect choice for them.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride and groom among the columns- portraits north bay, ca

So sweet and fun together.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- tender moment between bride and groom before their ceremony

I adored Suzanne’s dress. It was perfect on her- the best combination of sexy, glamorous, and playful. Check out the awesome mini-accordion crinoline underneath. Great texture.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride preparing for her ceremony- loving the ruffles under her dress

And then it was time for these two to get hitched. Andy waited patiently at the end of the aisle for his bride to enter.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- groom awaits bride walking down the aisle for their wedding north of san fran, ca

She walked in on her dad’s arm. And here, I have to take a little detour from the wedding narrative, because I got to hear a lot about Suzanne’s dad on the car ride from the hotel to StoneTree. He was an angel helping out with the wedding. Anything Suzanne or her mom needed, he took care of it. In fact, her mom said something along the lines of, "I love your dad more than ever today." She was so proud of and amazed by him. Probably the sweetest thing I have ever heard a mother of the bride say about her husband on her daughter’s wedding day. Really.

And now back to the story… Looks like he was pretty happy to help out, and especially happy to have his daughter on his arm.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride enters with her dad to see her groom sf bay area, northern cali

The ceremony was beautiful, under clear blue skies.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride adn groom during ceremony- floral arrangement at front- guests watch- sf bay area wedding

With the rings, it became official.

suzanne-andy-stonetree-golf-club-wedding- bride puts ring on groom's finger during ceremony- novato ca

And the celebration began immediately following the pronunciation of husband and wife. Let the party begin!


Did I say party? You betcha. Absolutely do not miss this one- coming soon. The 80’s cover band knocked our socks off and kept this party rocking!