On the radar, there was a rain cloud stretching from New Hampshire to Washington, DC and it was moving East at a steady pace. We had been watching the weather reports all week long, dreading what was to come for Maren and Steve’s wedding. They had chosen the most beautiful location for their destination wedding- an estate by the water in Portsmouth, RI- with an outdoor ceremony in the gardens. And they had planned a photo tour prior to the wedding which would take us around Newport‘s stunning coastline. Of course, this required a rain-free day. Dave and I were certain we would be relegated to Plan B. I brought the red umbrella for whatever photos we would be able to take outside.

What we didn’t count on was Maren and Steve’s good fortune. We had no idea they had some kind of extra special karma hanging out in their corner. Because what unfolded was nothing short of a miracle.

Maren got ready at the Pelham Court Hotel– a sweet boutique hotel with a great suite for our bride and her ladies. She didn’t seem at all concerned about the weather, which at that point was all sunshine in Newport.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride gets ready at pelham court hotel

She and Steve saw each other for the first time in the courtyard of the hotel. I love this moment where they get a good look at each other. And I love that Dave purposely captured the blue sky as part of the image. He wanted to make sure they had at least one photo with blue skies from their wedding day.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom see each other for first time at pelham court hotel

We took a couple of portraits in the courtyard. We actually had to have them sit in the shade, because it was still so bright out.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portrait at pelham court hotel courtyard with fountain

Then we headed off to Ocean Drive, for photos along the rocky coast line. As we drove there, we could see the storm clouds getting closer.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- stormy weather view from the bus as drive to bridal portraits on ocean drive

Check it out in this image. Towards the west an ominous sky.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portraits along ocean drive with storm clouds in distance

In the same spot, but toward the east, the bridal party got to enjoy a few more moments of beautiful blue.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bridal party portrait on ocean drive

At this point, the sky was getting dark fast. Steve asked his groomsmen to bring the umbrellas to us, just in case. They were ready for the worst. Strangely the storm seemed to stop and hold it’s position.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- ocean drive bride and groom portraits with rain clouds in background

We were able to capture a few more at this spot, and even stop at another along the coast.


I was so glad that we had been able to get those photos in. I figured that was all the luck we would have and was prepared for the inevitable indoor ceremony. When I arrived at the Glen Manor House, I was greeted with blue skies again. What?!? I thought. Then I saw that the gardens were set up for the ceremony. I honestly thought the coordinator had made a mistake. She told me she had checked the radar and it looked fine. I was shocked but happy.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- glen manor house wedding venue and reception site- portsmouth ri

Then of course, the skies turned to gray again. Didn’t bother the ring bearer one bit, though.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- ring bearer on lawn of glen manor house- portsmouth ri

Maren and Steve took a moment to enjoy the view of the water, gorgeous even with the gray skies.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portrait in glen manor house- portsmouth rhode island

Then the ceremony began. And unfortunately just as the bridal party made their entrance little drips of water started falling very lightly to the ground. This is it! I thought. Now it’s going to downpour on their ceremony. The pessimist in me came out. I couldn’t help being concerned for all of the guests and our truly fabulous couple. And just as quickly as it had started, Maren walked out, and I kid you not, the drizzle stopped.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride enters for ceremony at glen manor house in the gardens- portsmouth ri

Not one more drop fell. Crazy? Maybe. True? Yes. A miracle? Absolutely.

Post script- I suppose all this sounds a bit overdramatic. And I can be prone to that, but just to give you a sense of how bad this storm was, everywhere but at Maren and Steve’s wedding that is, check out this article.