A very happy 40th anniversary to Beth and Bud!

Beth and Bud Sonoma Mission- July 18th 1980

We have had the great pleasure of celebrating 4 weddings with Beth and Bud and their family! It all started when their daughter Emily married Mark. Emily and Mark chose to get married at the Sonoma Mission, where her parents had wed. And amongst their portraits, they wanted their own version of this image from Beth and Bud’s wedding. Last year at Lauren and Steve‘s wedding, we discovered that Beth and Bud shared an anniversary with the newlyweds. And when Emily told us that her mom was an avid reader of our blog, we couldn’t wait to celebrate her nuptials as well. So 40 years ago, plus a day (I was out of the studio yesterday) these two fabulous people tied the knot. I am certain it was a beautiful event, filled with warmth, love and joy. We are so happy for you, Beth and Bud, and hope your ruby anniversary was amazing.