Hanging out with Becky and Neil during their engagement session was like hanging out with old friends. We had such a nice time wandering around paths by the Charles (chosen because they used to go running along the Boston side) and then meandering through the streets of Boston University. Neil filled us in on all sorts of tidbits about his alma mater. And both Becky and Neil shared stories about where they had lived and played in the city. Added bonus, they are both chemists and Dave loves getting a chance to connect to his science roots. Stimulating conversation all around.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- bride and groom to be e-session on the charles river- view of cambridge

We also wanted to capture a little bit of Cambridge for them, as that’s where the live now.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- e-session with view of cambridge

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- fiance- bride and groom portraits

Enjoying the moments by the water and being together.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- groom hugging bride by charles river boston ma

Crazy amazing skies juxtaposed by crazy fast cars and our couple focused completely on each other.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- crossing bridge over storrow drive a kiss in boston mass

Now on campus. So many beautiful architectural details and interesting buildings to get cozy by.


becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- bu building with green door

We all loved the brownstones. Though Neil didn’t get to live in one while he was an undergrad, we couldn’t help dreaming about what it would be like. So we decided to claim one for our shoot.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- brownstone bu e-session boston massachusetts

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- couple portrait in boston mass

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- couple on brownstone steps in boston ma

After the daydreaming came some play time. I think Neil won this thumbwrestling match. But I am sure it was close.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- bride and groom thumbwrestling on brownstone steps of bu

We ended up at this super cool sculpture as the sun was giving us glorious light. I like how they are wrapped up in each other and the sculpture is wrapping around them.

becky-neil-boston-university-engagement- sculpture on bu campus overlooking charles river in boston ma

Becky and Neil, we absolutely can’t wait for your wedding at the Museum of Science. It is going to be fabulous!

But that’s not til later this summer, so in the meantime, if you want to see more, check out their slideshow.