I am so excited to be sharing a sneak preview of images from Jackie and William’s amazing wedding at a private club in the Back Bay. I am limited by what I can show you at the request of the club management and their members, but I am able to share a few snippets from William’s getting ready, the portraits along Commonwealth Ave and a few details. So I hope you enjoy.

Dave started the day with William at the Boston Harbor Hotel, where he was getting ready. This view from William’s room would totally put anyone in the right frame of mind- peaceful, serene, stunning.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- boston harbor hotel view from 12th floor- groom getting ready

William was very excited about the tux he had custom-made by Brooks Brothers for the occasion. It seems only fitting that he receive artful photos of his attire.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom getting ready at boston harbor hotel- brooks brothers tux vest

A final check….

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- boston harbor hotel getting ready for groom- as he straightens his bow tie

The effort and choices he made were impeccable. He looked so dashing.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom and rolls royce limo under the boston harbor hotel at rowes wharf arch- boston ma

William made his way to the club in a Rolls Royce, arriving in high style.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- view from rolls royce as groom arrives at chilton club on commonwealth ave

Meanwhile, Jackie was at the club getting ready. She chose a Vera Wang gown; the fabric flowed beautifully and totally showed off her figure. Plus the texture and shape was a perfect match for the cherry blossoms, which she used throughout to decorate.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding-- brides getting ready- view of her vera wang gown from the back

After they saw each other for the first time (a truly emotional and beautiful experience), we popped outside for some photos around the Back Bay. Comm Ave is surrounded by gorgeous brownstones and a tree lined pedestrian way, so finding locations was no challenge. Plus we still had the Rolls Royce to play with.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom during portraits on commonwealth ave in boston mass

Such a gentleman…

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom helps bride with train on her vera wang wedding dress- crossing commonwealth ave in front of the chilton club in boston ma

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom's formal portraits on commonwealth ave in boston massachusetts

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding-boston ma private club

And a few little bits from the ceremony. The groom’s vows…

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- the grooms vows during a ceremony at a private club in boston ma

The embrace.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom embrace during ceremony at oldest private women's club in boston ma

And a post ceremony portrait of their gorgeous puppy, who also played the roll of ring bearer. He was so cute walking down the aisle, and looked so handsome with his bowtie.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom's cute dog after the ceremony- all dress up with a bow tie and special leash for his roll as ring bearer

More to share soon, but if you want more now, and I wouldn’t blame you, definitely check out Jackie and William’s engagement session in Princeton and their love story by Generations Cinemastories.