Who says rain is a bad thing? A little rain, or actually a lot of rain in this case, truly a full-on downpour, was nothing short of perfect for our engagement session with Christina and Vincent.


We had a great time dodging puddles and Christina and Vincent were adorable cuddling up in doorways. Besides it actually is perfect that a little weather reared its head as Vincent is a weather afficionado, a storm tracker, if you will. So the day ended as it should with a show of Mother Nature’s wonderous ways and the four of us laughing a lot.

christina_vincent-10_boston_engagement_session- beacon hill doorway- boston ma

Of course, the rain also helped clear out the extra people who normally hang out in Beacon Hill. We had some of the busiest streets all to ourselves.

christina_vincent-11_boston_engagement_session- in front of Twig flower shop in beacon hill

Still, we weren’t upset that we started off the portrait session with lovely weather and beautiful light. We had free reign and no umbrella for the first bit. So here are a few faves from the earlier part of the session.

christina_vincent-2_boston_engagement_session- historic boston lamp post

Christina and Vincent live in St. Louis and weren’t exactly sure where they wanted to do their session. When we came up with the idea of Beacon Hill, it seemed a great fit. Quintessential Boston and beautiful buildings, a nice match for Christina as she is from the Boston area and works as an architect.

christina_vincent-5_boston_engagement_session- beacon hill

Total sweetness. Check out his smile as he kisses her.

christina_vincent-3_boston_engagement_session- almost kissing in beacon hill neighborhood - boston massachusetts

And the cool factor.

christina_vincent-4_boston_engagement_session- by a bike in beacon hill- boston mass

And tons more sweetness.

christina_vincent-6_boston_engagement_session- snuggling in boston mass

christina_vincent-8_boston_engagement_session- against a wall in beacon hill

This one makes me giggle.

christina_vincent-7_boston_engagement_session- nose to nose in beacon hill boston massachusetts

christina_vincent-9_boston_engagement_session- beacon hill trees and laugther boston ma

I still can’t believe how quickly those clouds turned the sky to black. What an adventure! And such fun. Many thanks to Christina and Vincent for weathering the storm with us. Can’t wait for your wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel this summer.

If you would like to see more from Christina and Vincent’s e-session, definitely check out their slideshow.