Congrats to Janis and Steven, our most recent newlyweds, who were able to show just how far out of the box they can think with their amazing destination wedding. We really couldn’t wait to share their photos so here’s just a little sneak preview and a bit about their outrageously cool night.


Janis and Steven took the destination wedding craze to new heights, quite literally, with their wedding on the moon. That’s right, these two felt they needed a location that was truly unique to capture their adventurous spirits. So when they started looking for that special venue, they brainstormed places they had been and places they had always wanted to visit.

"It seemed so perfect, really. I mean how often are you going to make such a long journey, and when else are you going to have the time off," shared Janis. So Janis and Steven started to consider how they might get to the moon, along with an intimate group of their closest family members. They knew they didn’t have the funds to do it on their own. They had thought about ebaying a seat on their vessel, but thought better of it. They didn’t want just anyone to be at their wedding. "Then it hit me," Steven explained. "If we choose the right person to officiate, we can surely get that person to contribute. And who else, but Richard Branson, would be appropriate? He’s already got it in the works. We figured it would be good for us and good for him. The publicity for his new Lunar Virgin line has been amazing." Janis added, "He’s actually a really great guy, too. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect."

destination wedding trash the dress on the moon romance- captured by boston wedding photographers- allegro photography

The guests stayed aboard the shuttle and watched from inside as Janis and Steven were able to take a few special portraits before the ceremony. Branson even supplied the couple with a special breathing instrument to allow them to take the photos unencumbered by the traditional space suits. And Janis and Steven were so excited to be there; they were willing to try anything. Janis didn’t even care if she got her dress a little dirty before the ceremony.

Then everyone came out for their own walk on the moon. The ceremony concluded with Branson’s take on an old favorite, "One small step for Janis and Steven, one giant step for couples everywhere."

More photos and the rest of their story to come soon, so definitely check back.