Jess and Ivan are fun, cheerful, vibrant people, so it is no surprise that they chose to celebrate their wedding with lots of colors- reds, yellows, greens, pinks, purples. And lots of textures- satin, silk, sparkly stones, dahlias, roses, orchids, bamboo… Plus they wanted to bring their own sense of style and history to their wedding day- an elegant downtown Boston location was the perfect backdrop with stunning views of the city, some special Chinese touches reflecting Ivan’s heritage, all mixed together with a few snippets from their relationship.

For her personal look, Jess chose graceful style. Her dress accentuated her height and included just enough bling to make her feel special.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- wedding dresses at boston's langham hotel, downtown, mass

The sparklies as seen through the veil.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- bling on wedding gowns- behind veil- langham hotel- boston massachusetts

The shoes to match.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji-brides shoes at the langham hotel boston ma

The floral was a key component to their day. I love the vivid colors and fresh arrangement of her bouquet.

Ivan holding it- totally cute how it makes him smile.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- groom with bright colorful bouquet- red, yellow, pink, purple, roses, dahlias, calla lillies, orchids

And Ivan’s boutonniere was a perfect match. (Also note his very distinguished white bow-tie.)

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- groom's boutonnniere- yellow orchid, and red with berries- white bowtie

The room decor complimented their personal flowers.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- flower arrangement with vibrant colors- harvard club- downtown boston views

Some floral pieces included bamboo, a touch of the Asian influence on the day.


I absolutely adore couples who share a bit of their relationship with their guests by including personal touches. Ivan and Jess have a special song, “You are My Sunshine.” Certainly not traditional, and definitively sweet. They danced for the first time as husband and wife to that song, and they had the title engraved on the inside of their wedding bands.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- wedding rings with inscription- harvard club- boston massachusetts

Bright, inviting food displays matched perfectly with the floral.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- fruit display- cocktail hour- colorful

Spring rolls- another way to share a taste of their history.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- spring rolls- appetizers during cocktail hour- harvard club- cambridge ma

Dave captured this photo of a piece of artwork on the walls of the Harvard Club. Since they couldn’t bring their beautiful beagle, Noodle, to their wedding, it was nice to have this guy there.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- beagle art at harvard club- boston ma

The Chinese tea ceremony was an important part of the day for both families.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- chinese tea ceremony at harvard club in boston ma

As wedding favors, each guest received a pair of beautiful chopsticks.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- chopsticks as wedding favors and wedding invitation red with double happiness- inspiration- boston ma

The double happiness character was prominent throughout- from the invitation to the cake design.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- wedding cakes with chinese double happiness and the frog clasp design by konditor meister- boston ma

Loved the way the Harvard Club served up the cake… several chocolate covered strawberries on the side. Yummy.

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- harvard club staff serving wedding cakes to guests- cake by konditor meister

And one last treat from Jess and Ivan’s beautiful site- what an amazing view of downtown Boston at night!

boston_wedding_harvard_club_ji- sweet city view of downtown boston from harvard club- massachusetts


The Professionals who brought it all together-
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Downtown Harvard Club
Catering: Harvard Club
Wedding cake: Konditor Meister
Floral: Nellie’s Wildflowers
Entertainment: Entertainment Specialists
Officiant: Justice of the Peace Helen Kerivan

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