The past two weekends were spent being inspired. We attended two bridal shows, the Baystate Bridal Show and the Great Brial Expo at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. There were so many amazing people at each that I just had to share a little bit of the fun.


First of all, the stories I heard from brides and grooms were absolutely wonderful. This is the biggest reason I enjoy the shows. It gives me a chance to meet so many wonderful people and get a taste of their romantic stories- like the gentleman who proposed on a gondola in Venice, Italy.

Or the young man who asked his fiance to marry him while they were taking a road trip to Chicago, on their way to see her best friend and then to see her family for Thanksgiving; it was like a proposal and engagement party all in one.

Or the gent who swept his love off to Disney World for a get away, planned a fabulous dinner at the Grand Floridian. At the end of the evening, he snuck her out for a private cruise on the lagoon where a special dessert awaited them. Beneath that evening’s fireworks, he popped the question.

Yes, it’s true. I am a total romantic and a complete sucker for these stories, both grand and intimate. Love it! And I got a quite a fix at the shows.

Also at the shows, I got to meet some amazing vendors. I spent a good deal of time with a few of them. Namely, the wedding cake bakers. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm. Not only do these artists create a sweetness from the heavens, they make their cakes absolutely beautiful. So while I can’t share the taste, I thought I would share a few of the more creative cakes.

A few of my favorites from Konditor Meister

Feels like something you would find in France. Love the script on the sides of the cake.

boston_wedding_cakes- names- french themed- konditor meister- brown pink white

Perhaps Russian inspired like a Fabergé egg.

boston_wedding_cakes- russian style- gold white- konditor meister

From the sea.

boston_wedding_cakes- ocean sea themed with shells and beads- blue white purple

Springtime cake.

boston_wedding_cakes- spring theme- yellow orange blue- flowers

Autumn cake- love the rich colors; very unique.

boston_wedding_cakes- fall theme- orange red green gold

Asian influence with bamboo.

boston_wedding_cakes- asian inspired- bamboo with blue flowers and green leaves- konditor meister

And a couple from Ivy’s Fine Cakes

Very sparkly – crystals galore.

boston_wedding_cakes- diamond cake- white silver diamonds- Ivy's Fine Cakes

Feels like a surprise from Tiffany’s.

boston_wedding_cakes- tiffany's surprise cake- blue white- bow roses- ivy's fine cakes

Congrats to all of the wonderful couples and many thanks to these two vendors for sharing samples of their amazing work.