Just after Christmas and just before New Year’s we had the good fortune to photograph Viki and Niko’s wedding at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral and the State Room. Viki and Niko are such an absolutely delightful couple- they both have the warmest smiles. You can’t help but want to be around them.

When Naomi from Generations Cinemastories and I arrived at Viki’s home to document her getting ready, I could not believe how calm she was. All of her family was there to celebrate and help and there were adorable children running about. Viki just smiled at all of it and continued doing whatever she needed in order to get ready.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- bride adjusts veil at her home in boston ma

While she finished with her prep, I captured a few details of her dress. She selected a gown by Vera Wang, and it might be the most unique dress I have ever seen- jewels on top and tulle for the skirt- light, airy and extraordinarily sophisticated. Best of all, it was perfect on Viki.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- vera wang wedding dress at boston home

Viki is one half of a set of twins and her sister was there throughout. I love this photo of the two of them. Viki had just put on her dress and Eva was watching on- both with gorgeous happy smiles.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- bride and her twin sister getting ready in boston ma

At their home, there were several Greek rituals and traditions that took place. Viki’s dad helped her with her dress. She wrote the names of the single ladies on her shoe; apparently the first one to rub off is the next to get married- no need to toss the bouquet. And her koumbara (aka religious sponsor) helped put on her shoes and insisted on sending her off with a little good luck cash. Once all these were complete and we took a few portraits, we were off to the church.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- boston wedding photographer captures image of bride in limo on way to ceremony at greek orthodox cathedral

While I was in Boston, Dave headed down to Niko’s family’s home to capture a few of the groom’s traditions and a few of Niko getting ready. When I saw this one from Dave’s set, I couldn’t help but smile. This may be the first time I have seen the groom get his hair done for the wedding.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- groom getting ready at his home massachusetts

We met up at the church- and what a church it was. But I share this image just to give you a sense of the day. We had been dodging awful weather and expected that it might snow or rain. Somehow the fates stepped in and shed a little sunshine on Viki and Niko’s wedding day. We even enjoyed blue skies….

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- blue skies shine on new england's greek orthodox cathedral in boston mass

And light streamed in through the stain glass windows.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- flower girls enjoy stained glass at boston greek orthodox church

While we are looking at the flower girls, you have to hear about their tutu dresses. The girls’ gowns matched Viki’s perfectly. She found them at a children’s boutique; they looked like little fairy princesses. So precious!

The ceremony began shortly after I arrived.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- groom awaits bride at annunciation cathedral alter in boston ma

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- bride enters with her dad for greek orthodox wedding in boston

It included traditional Greek Orthodox customs– the crowns, the candles, the drinking of wine. And of course, it was set in this absolutely stunning space. Did I mention I love this church? So colorful and artful, pretty much every direction you look.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- ornate greek orthodox cathedral in boston during wedding ceremony

After the ceremony, a few portraits. One of the happy couple.

vn_state_room_boston_wedding- bride and groom portraits at greek orthodox cathedral in boston mass

And then off they went with rice and confetti tossed at them as they made their way to the limo. Honestly, even after well over 100 weddings, I had never seen actual rice thrown before. Very fun!


There are lots more to come- portraits at night around Faneuil Hall and one rockin’ good time at the State Room reception, complete with awesome Greek dancing. So definitely check back.