Dave and I had the opportunity to visit Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich and all I can say is WOW!!! One of my friends had gotten married there a few years ago and was telling me about the venue, I was so excited to see it as he had nothing but positive reviews. But honestly it is even better than he described.

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- venue- ipswich ma

First of all there are multiple fabulous options for an outdoor wedding. I know it is hard to think about that right now with the first serious snow just melting and more on the way, but that was always the way I pictured my wedding. I am pretty sure I am not alone on that one. So if you are like me and felt an outdoor wedding was your first choice, you have 3 great options: on the lawn facing the beach, on the lawn facing down the hill towards ocean views, and in the Italian Garden.

A few photos of option 2:

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- ipswich wedding site- massachusetts

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- ocean views at site- ipswich and essex ma

A few from option 3 (I think this is what I would do- I love the feeling of this secluded garden space- feels like ancient ruins)

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- italian garden at essex estate

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- sunken italian gardens at ispwich venue- mass

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- sculptures at ipswich wedding venue

Laura Daly and her team are great. They will also have a perfect back up plan, in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. We got a peek at the indoor option and it truly is lovely.

The best spot for cocktail hour, in my opinion, is on the back patio. I love this location because you get to enjoy the sweeping views of the water and have the gorgeous architecture as a back drop. Plus if you wanted to do a group photo it’s an excellent location for that.

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- great house cocktail hour site

Side note, awesome story, these two griffin statues were given to the Crane family as a gift from their servants. They had the sculptures custom made to protect the house. All I have to say is that the Crane’s must have been amazing employers to generate that kind of love from their staff.

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- griffins at the great house- cocktail reception patio

Then you have two options for your reception as well. You can host the party indoors– the spaces are grand and elegant. Or outdoors on another patio. You could even tent the outdoor space.

And I just had to share a few of my favorite details from the site.


castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding venue- mass

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- north shore site, massachusetts

Dave and I enjoying the view.

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- couple in shadow at venue in north shore

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- sculpture north of boston

I almost missed these bas relief sculptures of the cranes. Very cool and very appropriate.

castle_hill_crane_estate_wedding- venue in massachusetts

All in all, I was amazed by the beauty of this wedding venue and the thoughtful consideration of their events team. I also really appreciate that they are making efforts to be green and provide environmentally beneficial resources, plus when you have a wedding at a historic site like this, your rental fee contributes to the greater good. Not a bad way to celebrate, in my opinion.