Stylish. Fun. So sweet on each other. Leah and Dave are a joy to be around and were so much fun to photograph on their wedding day.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- bride and groom portraits by ballroom- northern california

A few of my favorite bits from the day:
Dave purchased his tux. He knew it would be tailored perfectly if he owned it and he wanted to look his absolute best for Leah. He even spent some time ironing earlier in the day.

Leah gave Dave a special cologne and Dave gave Leah a special perfume as a wedding gift. They had learned that emotion tied to scents are uniquely suited to bring back memories; they selected new scents for their special day so they had another way to recall their joy. I love this.

They wanted the first time they saw each other to be private and intimate. It was so beautiful.

Leah didn’t even blink at the cold, and it was cold. She looked totally relaxed for all of their portraits, and there were lots. She’s one tough lady.

Dave and his twin brother Mark took a moment before the ceremony. I don’t know what they said to each other, but I loved watching their closeness.

The look on Leah’s dad’s face when he was giving her away.

When Emily (wife of Dave’s brother Mark) and Steve (husband of Dave’s sister Lauren) had a special welcome for Leah as the newest in-law.

Oh boy, I have a lot of favorites. I could go on all night. But perhaps I should get to some photos….

So here’s the rest of their story. Starting with the ceremony.

I love this photo of Dave waiting for Leah to walk down the aisle, with Mark watching him. Dave has already seen Leah on their wedding day, in her wedding dress. And there is definitely something different and equally special about this moment. You can see it in his eyes.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- groom awaits bride under tent in lodi, ca

Their ceremony was held under the stars in the pavilion on the grounds of Wine and Roses in Lodi, California. The candles, lanterns and flowers added so much romance to the space.


ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- bride and groom in tent with swag- near sacramento cali

Leah’s parents enjoyed the ceremony…

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- brides parents enjoy the ceremony- northern cali

As did Leah.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- bride smiles at groom during ceremony under tent- no cali

It was also filled with emotion.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- bride tears up at wedding ceremony near sacramento

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- sf bay area groom during ceremony

Dave’s dad found the newlyweds after the ceremony for a congratulatory hug.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- grooms dad gives advice to bride and groom during reception in ballroom

Leah and Dave’s reception was in the ballroom, a beautiful warm lodge-like space. They sat a sweetheart table in front the fireplace and enjoyed a toast to their new status.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- bride and groom toast at reception in lodi, cali

First dance.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- first dance of bride and groom in lodi, ca

I mentioned this toast by Emily and Steve. Emily not only welcomed Leah to the family, but also shared advice on living with one half of a pair of twins. Emily is married to Dave’s twin and so she knows all about it.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- sister in law advises new bride on how to deal with her husband- reception

Then the party got underway.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- guests get down outside sacramento cali

Some guests were caught up in the romance of the day.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- guests get romantic during slow dance at wedding party

Others got into the dancing frenzy with Dave.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- silly dancing at party in northern cali

The dance floor was never empty, to be sure.

ld_wine_and_roses_california_wedding- guests on dancefloor in ballroom of hotel- near San Francisco Bay Area

What a great night, all around! And for those who can’t get enough, a little PicFlick….

If you want to see more from Leah and Dave’s stunning wedding at Wine and Roses, definitely check out their slideshow.

And a big thank you to all of the professionals who helped make their day so special.
Event planners: Emily Mattos and Kristen Jensen from Sugar Rush Events
Ceremony and Reception Venue and Catering: Wine and Roses
Gown Designer: Reem Acra
Make-up artist: Mina Drake
Cake: River City Cake Company
Floral Designer, lighting and room decor: The Big Bang
Rentals: Stuart Rental Company
Ceremony musician: guitarist Davis Ramsey
DJ: Music By Brian

But the greatest thanks go out to Leah and Dave. We have so loved getting to know you both and are thrilled that we could be a part of your celebration. And so much gratitude to your wonderful families. We love you all!