And she did it!


That’s right our fearless bride Courtney took a taste of fire for the first time on her wedding night. Her friends guided her. And her very supportive and understanding groom Brian cheered her on (not pictured here).

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride eats fire at her north shore wedding- topsfield ma

And now for a step back in time.

The getting ready is the first chance we get to check out our bride’s stylistic choices for the day. Not only did Courtney have a super cute dress and very stylish shoes (as featured in the sneak preview), she also had a birdcage veil. I love this. With the right dress, on the right person, it is the exact right touch. Courtney was just right.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride puts on her birdcage veil- north of boston

Meanwhile the boys were hanging out next door. Already dressed and prepped, Brian had a bit of a wait. I think he just wanted to get upstairs to see his bride.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- groom and ring bearer relax before ceremony- boston's north shore- massachusetts

And pretty soon, he got his wish. She met him at the end of the aisle in the Topsfield Commons ballroom. They were both all smiles and warmth.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride during ceremony - north of boston mass

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- groom during ceremony- topsfield ma

Our ringbearer performed his job with grace. So cute. (He took his job very seriously and insisted on getting this clean-cut hairstyle prior to the wedding. What a young gentleman!)

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- ringbearer brings rings- north of boston massachusetts

After the ceremony, Courtney and Brian went upstairs for their family portraits.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom depart ceremony in topsfield mass

Before the portraits got underway, Brian embraced his father. After hearing the stories, I can honestly say I want to be like his dad when I am older. He’s got tons of energy and it’s clear his family honors, respects and adores him.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- groom embraces his dad after ceremony- boston massachusetts couple

A few more from their first dance.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom swing dance for first dance by boston wedding photographers

Did I mention all of their talents? In addition to fire eating, trapeze flying, videography, and graphic design, they can do one hell of a swing dance. Awesome lift!

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom's swing dance talents- boston wedding photography

Once they opened the dance floor, you couldn’t keep their guests off. And Greg from C-zone did a great job playing music to keep the dance floor jam packed all night long.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding-guests tear up the dance floor north of boston ma

So maybe one guest wasn’t so into dancing.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- young girl watches as guests dance

Courtney took the opportunity to take a spin with various guests.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride dances with guests at her wedding in mass

The romance of the evening definitely caught up with this couple.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- guests get cozy in north of boston wedding

I wanted to close with a few portraits from their day.

We took this one of Courtney after the family portraits.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bridal portraits in north shore wedding- mass

Then once the party was underway, we brought Courtney and Brian downstairs for some alone time and a few more photos.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom relax during portraits by boston wedding photographers

I love the feeling a privacy and intimacy in this image. They are clearly in their own world.

cb_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom enjoy a private moment during reception- photos by boston wedding photographers

If you want to see more from Courtney and Brian’s amazing north shore wedding, definitely check out their PicFlick.

And a big thank you to all of the professionals who helped make their day so special:

Ceremony and Reception Venue and Catering: Kristi Martino from The Topsfield Commons
Gown Designer: Priscilla of Boston, special thanks to April Abbott
Bridesmaid Dresses: Baby Girl Boutique
Groom’s Tux: Frank’s Custom Tailoring
Groomsmen’s Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
Cake: Mary Bandereck
Floral Designer: Annette Rinaldi
Ceremony musician: Christian Cundari
DJ: Greg from C-Zone Music
Hair styling: Shag

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Courtney and Brian. You guys were and are amazing. Your trust and faith in us made the day so very enjoyable. And we absolutely love your adventurous spirits. We are so glad that we get to continue working with you on future projects.