I am always excited when I talk to a groom and he is as into the wedding details as the bride. That doesn’t happen very often mind you, and that’s fine; I just think it is so cute when the gents get excited about the whole shebang. So when I had my preconsultation phone conversation with Dave and Leah, I was amazed. Leah knew all of the details, to be sure, and she was on top of all the organization, but Dave was right there alongside her. And they each had their own projects. Dave even gave us a special tour of his favorite spots at Wine and Roses, their wedding venue. Together, they made their wedding day so special and memorable for each other and for their guests.

Just to give you a taste of their amazing style and their joyous day, here’s a sneak peek of all the fun before the ceremony….

First a few details.

leah_dave_california_wedding- brides shoes- wine and roses- lodi, ca

leah_dave_california_wedding- rings shot- wine and roses room in lodi cali

Leah got ready in the bride’s changing room, above the Garden Ballroom. She was surrounded by her mom and her bridesmaids. Love the matching track suits- and the super cute "bridesmaid" tees.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bride with her bridesmaids in match track suits and sparkly t-shirts at wine and roses

Then she donned her glimmering dress.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bride puts on her gown by reem acra (similar to dress by taylor swift)- lodi ma

Definitely star appeal in this number. So much sparkle.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bling on wedding dress at wine and roses in lodi northern cali

Leah is stunning.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bride in window light with sparkles on her dress- wine and roses, lodi california

Dave got ready in his twin brother, Mark‘s, room. Mark made sure that Dave looked very dapper.

leah_dave_california_wedding- groom with best man/twin brother, getting ready at wine and roses

 Check him out! What a handsome fellow.

leah_dave_california_wedding- groom awaits his bride on grounds of wine and roses in lodi- northern california

Once they were both all set. They met up in a secret location to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The privacy of their special locale made the moment even better.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bride and groom see each other for first time at wine and roses near sacramento

Leah took a step back to get a good look at her groom. Big smiles all around.

leah_dave_california_wedding- bride smiles at groom- wine and roses in lodi ca- bouquet of whites and pinks

Enjoying their alone time.


leah_dave_california_wedding- bride and groom kiss behind the fountain at wine and roses in lodi ca

After we finished all of the portraits, the whole group went back to Leah’s getting ready room to relax, freshen up and warm up.

The boys clowning around…

leah_dave_california_wedding- the boys hanging around- groomsmen in suspenders at wine and roses in northern cali

Before the ceremony… I love the way Dave looks at Leah. Could he be sweeter?

leah_dave_california_wedding- sacramento bride and groom take a moment before their ceremony in the pavilion at wine and roses

Of course, this is just the beginning. Definitely check back for photos from their beautiful ceremony and their awesome party.