And laughter and tears, pretty much all at the same time, and it certainly made for a great day. Joy and beauty enveloped Sarah and Bryan for their wedding at Stern Grove in San Francisco, California. Jo and I are captivated by Stern Grove on it’s own- it is a place of nature (the redwoods are stunning) and music (each year hosting the Stern Grove Festival). Now I add "love" to the list, as Stern Grove was the back drop to this amazing wedding.


I started the day with Sarah and her girls at the Clubhouse.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride getting ready at the trocadero sigmund stern grove clubhouse

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- brides wedding dresses in window at stern grove trocadero clubhouse

Sarah walked down the aisle with her mom and dad on each arm, and tears of joy in her eyes.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride cries as walks down aisle with parents for sigmund stern grove wedding in SF california

This image says it all. Sarah’s dad gave Bryan a warm welcome into the family, before the ceremony even got underway.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride's tears and groom hugs her father at stern grove wedding beneath the redwoods in san fran california

Check out their ceremony site. So beautiful among the trees.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- jewish ceremony at stern grove in san fran cali


sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- flower girl watches ceremony in stern grove amidst the redwoods

Under the chuppah, sealed with a kiss.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride and groom kiss under the huppah- chuppah- during their stern grove wedding

Then they took a few moments for their portraits and to enjoy their newlywed status.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride and groom snuggle during portraits with redwoods as back drop for stern grove wedding in sf ca

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- beautiful bride with bouquet of peaches and oranges and lime- sf california

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- reflective reflection in stern grove by pond in sf

Let the party begin. Friends and family got things started with some music.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- reception gets going with band and first dance in the trocadero clubhouse at stern grove

Sarah and Bryan kicked off the dancing with their first dance.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- first dance of bride and groom in sf ca

Did I mentioned laughter? Because there was tons of it. I am still laughing over the toast by Sarah’s cousin in which she explained the origins of the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass. Her explanation was one I had not heard before, and it had everyone reeling from laughter.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride and groom laughing it up during the toasts at stern grove in sf ca

More dancing followed dinner.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- guests party at reception in stern grove- northern california

Shosh and Jon, who introduced us to Sarah and Bryan, took a spin on the dancefloor.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- newlyweds dance during their friends reception at stern grove- sf california

The guests definitely enjoyed themselves.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- guests boogie down at the stern grove clubhous- sf bay area

And for that matter so did Sarah.

sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding- bride parties at her wedding at the stern grove clubhouse in the sf bay area

Thank you so much, Sarah and Bryan, for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. I had such a great time working with you and am thrilled to share the rest of your photos with you. But first, a little PicFlick….

For more of Sarah and Bryan, check out their slideshow.