Fall in New England is a truly stunning time of year. When Pamela and Albert chose the season for their engagement session, we were happy to accommodate. The next step was choosing the location. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect option than the bridge in Cambridge where they got engaged. We love this bridge and have wanted to shoot there for a while now. Plus the trees and surrounding areas are so pretty- great views of both Boston and Cambridge. We completed our portraits in Beacon Hill, another favorite area of theirs and ours.


This is the actual spot where Albert proposed- literally on the bridge. He woke up Pamela before sunrise to take her to this spot near her apartment. What a way to start the day- a beautiful view and a very happy "Yes!"

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- harvard bridge, cambridge ma - autumn

More smiles and fun in and among the leaves.

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- autumn trees- massachusetts

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- fall colors, cambridge views, mass

The Charles River makes a gorgeous backdrop for this moment.

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- charles river, massachusetts

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- cuddling in massachusetts

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- fall leaves and couple in mass

This path was so pretty with gorgeous trees on both sides. It felt magical.

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- walking among the autumn colors in ma

In Beacon Hill, we avoided the busiest alley ways and found this stunning wall. It was like a rainbow of leaves.

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- beacon hill alley with fall ivy in mass

One of my favorites from the portrait session. It’s amazing how such a busy city (and it was really busy that day) can feel so private.

pamela_albert_boston_engagement_session- beacon hill view- red brick and fall leaves- massachusetts

And I am really excited to share their PicFlick. They sent us the romantic Chinese song as the background music. You can check it out here.