A lady and a gentleman, through and through, Jilanne and Doug have old world sophistication, style, generosity and kindness right to their core. I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the past year and a bit. We had a blast on their engagement session playing at the Presidio and Fort Point. Then after checking out their wedding venues, the Old Mission San Juan Bautista and Leal Vineyard, and chatting with Doug about all of their plans, we really couldn’t wait for the big day.

So today I get to share just a little snippet of what’s to come.

Jilanne and Doug started their day at Leal, where they both got ready in the guest houses. Jilanne was practically all set when we arrived. Just a few finishing touches like the veil. I love the softness of this image; it matches Jilanne’s gentle side (mind you she also has a very spunky side, like when she told me about the prank she and Doug had thought about pulling on Dave and I for their engagement session– too funny!) but this one is all about her femininity.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- bride wears veil for getting ready at leal vineyard

And Doug was already hanging out with his friends in the wine tasting room. Smart thinking.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- groom relaxes with friends at vineyard in hollister

The girls and I hopped in the limo for our trip to the Mission. When we arrived, we made sure the coast was clear as Jilanne and her ladies walked to the church.


Doug was just around the corner at the entrance to the church with his groomsmen, all of the sponsors and the ring bearer.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- ring bearer shows off the wedding rings at san juan bautista mission

The ceremony was so beautiful; the back drop of this historic mission was a perfect setting.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- priest during ceremony at san juan bautista mission

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- bride and groom on the alter for catholic ceremony

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- bride and groom at front of san juan bautista mission during ceremony

Another perspective…

bride and groom on the alter at mission san juan bautista during their wedding ceremony

I love the way Jilanne and Doug enjoyed themselves during the Catholic ceremony. They were totally in tune with each other.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- san jose couple enjoy ceremony at mission san juan bautista

And they were certainly not alone in being affected by the momentousness of the day.

jilanne_doug_california_mission_wedding- bridesmaid cries during bride and grooms ceremony at old mission san juan bautista 

When I first saw this image Dave captured, I fell in love with it. It feels to me exactly how it feels to be leaving the wedding ceremony- like you are embarking on something big and exciting and bathed in sunshine and warmth. I can feel Jilanne and Doug’s smiles even though I can’t see them in this image.


More to come next week. Can’t wait to share the rest!