Giddy, joyful, explosive enthusiasm, positivity, blissful, abundant smiles, cheerful, delighted, ecstatic, gleeful…. how many words can I come up with to describe all the ways in which Ellen and Edwin were two of the happiest people I have ever seen on their wedding day?! Before the wedding, Ellen was literally jumping up and down with excitement and happily sang a little song of joy with her niece about this being her wedding day. So much merriment is bound to be intoxicating; it’s no surprise that everyone, including Dave and I, wore smiles all day long.


Ellen arrived at Hans Fahden ready to go. Her sisters, mom, best friend, and neice got ready alongside her. She put some finishing touches on her make-up, and then put on her dress.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-vineyard- bride gets ready with friends- wedding in wine country

When Ellen and Edwin met each other at the end of the aisle, all of the built up emotions found an outlet- in laughter and in tears of joy.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- wedding ceremony tears and laughter- napa valley

Edwin’s parents watched on.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-winery- wedding ceremony- groom's parents- calistoga california

Ellen and Edwin sealed their commitment to each other with a kiss.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-destination wedding- wine country- napa valley- ceremony- bride and groom's first kiss

After the ceremony, we gathered the families together for portraits. Ellen’s sisters and best friend are hilarious. They teased Edwin with a long list of mandate’s regarding how to take care of Ellen. He was a very good sport.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-destination wedding- bridesmaids give the groom an earful- calistoga ca

Portraits of Ellen and Edwin in the gardens.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-wedding- bride and groom kiss during portraits in garden- calistoga ca

I love the way the gaze at each other.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- destination winery wedding- bride and groom gaze at each other during portraits- gardens in napa valley, california

Dinner in the wine cave soon followed. It’s so romantic in there- candles and flowers warm up the space.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- dinner in the wine cave - reception in napa valley ca

As it turns out, Edwin’s friends are also hysterical. His best man gave a truly fabulous speech, which included actual emails Edwin had written during his courtship of Ellen. My favorite quote, "Game on!"

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- wedding reception - best man's speech- destination wedding in cali wine country

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- wedding reception- bride and groom's reaction to best man's speech

After dinner, Ellen and Edwin cut their cake. I am completely enamored with this colorful cake- actually a perfect representation of the feel of their day- bright, sunny, sweet.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- bride and groom cut their cake- very colorful with tulips- calistoga ca

Their first dance, as seen through the eyes of Ellen’s neice.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-bride and groom enjoy first dance- ballroom in wine country

The father daughter dance. I can totally see where Ellen gets her joie de vivre.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-vineyard wedding- bride dances with her father in napa valley

Edwin getting down on the dance floor.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden-destination wedding- groom dances in ballroom- calistoga ca

At the very end of our evening, Ellen and Edwin took their turn in the photo booth for a few shots. They have such a great sense of humor- the costumes were perfect and they totally played up the part. This is the very lost shot, as they tell the paparazzi, aka Dave, no more.

ellen-edwin-hans-fahden- bride and groom in photobooth at wine country wedding- calistoga ca

Special thanks to all of the professionals who made the day so special:

Andi and the team at Hans Fahden Winery
Sharon Van Geisen from Park Avenue Catering
Mary Ann Parker from Fleur de Lisa for their exquisite cake
Peggy Blatchford for the floral design
DJ Alexander Hansen from AMS Entertainment
Alisa from The Powder Room for her styling of Ellen’s hair
Groom and groomsmen’s attire by Hugo Boss
Margot Piper, Maid of Honor, and talented graphic designer for the printed materials

And to Ellen and Edwin, you are two amazingly adventurous kindred spirits- birds of a feather. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you. We are delighted that we could be a part of your celebration, and we can’t wait to see those photos from Guyana.

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