Ever since we met Shelley and Andreas, I have been soooooo excited about their wedding. And for lots and lots of reasons. For one, Shelley came to us because she was referred by another Boston photographer, a friend of ours and hers, who was going to be a guest at the wedding, so I knew it would be fun. And because they were getting married at the Wang– where my dearest friend took me to see the ballet version of Romeo and Juliet about 10 years ago and I fell in love with the theater and the ballet. Also because Shelley has such a great sense of style- if you have been following her blog, The Spotted Duck, you totally understand her chic-ness. And it doesn’t hurt that Shelley and Andreas both grew up in my neck of the woods- the Washington Metro Area. And because we had an awesome time with them on their engagement session– bowling? seriously? so cool.

But really, the biggest reason is because Shelley and Andreas are amazing together. High School sweethearts who figured it out early on and have been in love ever since. They have really, truly grown up together. They have been through the roughest of times and the absolute best of times together. So how could I not be excited to share in one of the best of times?

And now for a glimpse of their day…

We met up with Shelley in her room at the Intercontinental Hotel. With her friends and family around her, she donned her dress. We captured a few of her alone. The room had this awesome red settee and she looked so perfect lounging in it. Don’t you just love the birdcage veil?

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride on chaise lounge in her room at intercontinental in boston, ma

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- boston bride in her room at intercontinental hotel

A little bustling….

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- getting her bustle done by bridesmaid

Andreas coordinating before the big meet up.

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- groom in his room at intercontinental hotel

Yeah! They get to see each other. Well, almost.

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride and groom see each other for first time- boston waterfront

We popped into a hired car (the driver was awesome, by the way) who took us around the city for the portraits. We started at the Carousel on the greenway.

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride and groom by carousel on boston's greenway

Can I just say? People are so nice. The guy who ran the Carousel was great. He let us hop on for a few quick pictures all by ourselves. And everyone watching and waiting was really nice too. They just smiled and offered congrats to our joyous couple.

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride and groom on carousel in boston

Then off to Beacon Hill for brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and red doors. Quintessential Boston!


shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride and groom portraits in beacon hill- boston mass

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride and groom walk down street in beacon hill- boston ma

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- shadow kiss in beacon hill

Shelley’s very modern, textured bouquet…

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bride's bouquet in beacon hill boston

We arrived at the to the Wang, where the wedding festivities occured. The boys kick back in the groom’s lounge for a bit.

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- groom with his boys in the lounge- boston ma 

And one more portrait. The whole gang in the theater

shelley_andreas_wang_theater_wedding- bridal party in the theater at citicenter for the performing arts

Wow- there so many more images to share, but for now, if you want more, check out their engagement session: story 1, story 2, and the slideshow.