I adore Lauren and David. Yup, I do. Why? Because nothing could dampen their spirits on their wedding day. And they had a few more things than normal to contend with, including a torrential downpour that came out of nowhere about 20 minutes before their outdoor ceremony was set to begin. Throughout it all, they handled everything that came their way with grace. I not only adore them, I admire them. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super nice and darn cute together.


So let’s start at the beginning of their day. We met up with Lauren at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport where she and David were celebrating their wedding. We started with Lauren in her room as she and her girlfriends were getting ready.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- bride prepares in newport, ri

Then she met up with David in the chalet garden, where they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding-bride and groom see each other for first time in newport rhode island

The rain started coming down just as we finished the family portraits. And it kept coming down for a good long time. Fortunately, the ketubah and bedeken ceremonies were scheduled to be indoors. The went off without a hitch.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- groom puts veil on bride during bedeken- newport wedding

It seemed like the rain would pass. It was amazing- on one side of the building you could see sunshine and blue skies, on the other side rain. Lauren waited and watched.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- bride watches the rain out window in newport ri

They held off the ceremony as long as they could and just in time, the skies cleared completely. Except for a few of the most perfect fluffy clouds. It was definitely worth the wait.

A few of my favorites from the ceremony…

That’s David’s brother walking Lauren and David’s puppy, and ringbearer, Henry. Isn’t Henry such a sweet little pup?

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- ring bearer dog in newport wedding

Lauren walking down the aisle under the enormous sky…

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- newport ceremony by ocean

Lauren during the ceremony…

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- bride under chuppah in newport ri

The sun shining down on the happy couple under the chuppah

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- sun shines on chuppah during newport ri jewish ceremony

I love Lauren’s smile.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- bride and groom gaze at each other under chuppah in newport ri

And David’s.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- groom watches guests during newport ri jewish ceremony

And a fabulous kiss under blue skies.

lauren_david_castle_hill_wedding- bride and groom kiss during newport ri wedding

Talk about weathering the storm. Lauren and David absolutely enjoyed all of the good stuff that came their way. It was such a delight to be with them on their wedding day.

There are definitely lots more to come. But if you want more now, check out the sneak peek on the Allegro Photography fan page.