Jess and Ivan’s wedding was definitely a relaxed affair. It was all about kicking back with friends and family and enjoying a good meal with good drinks. Jess kept everything very low-key. No bridal party, simple portraits, and lots of time to see everyone. In fact, Ivan said his favorite part was shmoozing with everyone during the reception.

We started our day with Jess as she was getting ready in her suite at the Langham Hotel. We had suggested that she and Ivan choose someone to help out with putting on the dress and other such details since she didn’t have any bridesmaids. They chose Ivan’s cousin Rebecca, who was absolutely amazing. She was such a pro. I know Ivan and Jess were grateful to her and so were we.

Like I said, Jess was very relaxed. When we arrived, she was all set, except for the dress, which we had asked her to wait to put on. So she was basically chilling out, while we took a few photos of the dress (as seen in the mirror behind her) and the shoes and other details.

jess_ivan- bride gets ready for her wedding - hotel langham

Dave coordinated with Ivan so that he was waiting for Jess to arrive at Post Office Square to see her for the first time. I brought Jess down. Ivan had his back to her until she told him she was ready. And then he got his first look at his gorgeous bride. Joyful!

jess_ivan- groom sees bride for first time at post office square- boston

Since the wedding was at the downtown Boston Harvard Club and they were staying just a few blocks away, we chose to walk the streets for our portrait session. And as it happens in many financial districts, there was a Fidelity Investments office. And as it happens, Ivan and Jess met while working at Fidelity. So, of course, we had to have a photo of our happy couple with Fidelity in the background. It kind of reminds me of an advertisement for financial planning or some such thing. "Start your Happily Ever After off on the right foot with Fidelity…" We won’t go into the meaning of Jess and Ivan walking the opposite direction of the One Way sign, one detail I enjoy a lot.

 bride and groom take portraits around downtown boston before harvard club wedding

And then we captured a few images with the more typical cityscape in the background.

jess_ivan- bride and groom with city backdrop before harvard club wedding

We headed into the lobby of the Harvard Club building for Jess and Ivan to rest their feet.


Jess’ mom and dad arrived and Jess’ mom caught her first glimpse of Jess through the window; Jess looked stunning in her wedding gown- no wonder her mom was so excited.

jess_ivan- mother of the bride sees her for first time in boston mass

When the rest of their family members arrived, we all went to the top floor, where the Harvard Club resides. We took the family formals in the Shawmut Room. I love this space because of the beautiful mural on the back wall and the windows opposite it. It was a perfect spot for these pictures. However, I love this photo because of how much Jess and her mom are enjoying themselves.

jess_ivan- bride and MOB enjoy a moment before the ceremony at the harvard club- boston mass

For the tea ceremony, Jess changed into a traditional Chinese QiPao.

jess_ivan- tea ceremony at harvard club- boston massachusetts

Ivan’s parents were just as enthusiastic and fun as Jess’ and no one stood too much on protocal. It was all about celebrating this fabulous couple.

ivan and jess with parents duirng tea ceremony at the harvard club

Still some traditions were followed faithfully. Jess was given this beautiful jade jewelry, along with the red envelopes she and Ivan received.

jess_ivan- bride received customary jade jewelry during tea ceremony at harvard club in boston ma

Still to come, the Western ceremony, the cocktail hour as the sun set, and the fabulous party. In the meantime, if you want more right now, you can check out their engagement session.

And I just had to share one more photo to give you a taste of what their guests enjoyed when they ventured to the 38th floor- this gorgeous view of Boston.

jess_ivan- view from harvard club wedding reception- boston ma