This weekend, we snuck in an engagement session with Jess and Ivan, whose wedding is in just over a week. We wanted to make sure we had this chance to get together in a relaxed setting before the wedding. And also, to share the photos with them and get their feedback before the big day. The weather had been less than cooperative for our initial plans, but this day was perfect. As was the location.

With the Back Bay as our playground, we enjoyed the wealth of possibilities our fair city has to offer. Gotta love Boston!

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- boston ma photography

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- boston mass photographers- john hancock building

We actually know Ivan and Jess pretty well already. Ivan and Dave had been roommates in college at UMass Amherst; as soon as we moved back to the Boston area, we got together with them. We instantly adored Jess.

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- at a church in boston massachusetts- e session

And of course, playdates with Max and their pup Noodle were a must. Both dogs love the tennis ball and neither is agressive about having it. Excellent playmates.

Perhaps my favorite thing about heading out on a photographic double date with Ivan and Jess was pausing to watch them interact with each other. They laugh so much!!!

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- laughing bride and groom to be in boston ma

And my other favorite thing was watching them play with Noodle- who is totally absolutely adorable. Such a happy family.

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- couple with their dog on commonwealth ave

And so cute, Noodle watching Jess and Ivan. Like he wants to join in.

jess_ivan_back_bay_engagement- bride and groom to be kiss in front of their dog

All around a great morning! Thank you both- we had so much fun.

We really can’t wait for your wedding at the Harvard Club. It is going to be amazing. And we are totally going to take you up on your offer to hang out and dance for a bit after we are finished shooting!

If you want to see more, check out their slideshow.