Erin and Vitali are such a great match- they both value their families and each other completely. Vitali totally makes Erin laugh. And Erin watches out and protects Vitali. Perfect! Add to that a plethora of adoring friends and you have just the right mix for not only a fabulous wedding day, but also an amazing life together.

Erin and Vitali chose The Lord Thompson Manor as the backdrop for their special day. The Lord Thompson Manor brings back the joy of weekend getaways from times gone by. It’s perfect for a destination wedding, where friends and family can join you for an extended period of time.

After the rehearsal, Vitali spent the night at the Manor. On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, Erin was treated to spa fun with the girls at the Cottage. I arrived to capture some special details and some of her getting ready.

Erin’s dress was beautiful. She had a complete look that totally fit with the style of her wedding at the Manor- elegant- and definitely influenced by the 1920’s.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride's wedding gown

The KISS spa is a serene place to spend a few hours. Everything is white on white. So of course, Erin’s bouquet of pinks, greens, and purples popped against the backdrop. That’s Erin getting her hair done with her mom and maid of honor watching in the background.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride gets ready at cottage kiss spa, ct

Checking out the make-up…

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- ct bride gets ready at kiss spa

Even Erin’s dad had a little work done.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride's dad gets his hair done in ct

What an embrace! You can feel the love Erin has for her brother. He played an integral role in their day, as the brides’ best man. He stood on Erin’s side next to her Maid of Honor and gave the toast. She found a truly special way to honor him and their friendship.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride hugs brother and best man in connecticut

Erin’s mom helped her with the finishing touches up in her bridal suite.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- mother of the bride helps her get ready in conn

The antique lavalier is Erin’s something old. The necklace belonged to Erin’s Great-Grandmother who passed it on to Erin’s Grandmother who passed it on to Erin’s Mother who wore it on her wedding day.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-something old worn by bride- thompson ct

When Erin was all ready, her friends joined her at the spa. I love the smiles on all of the ladies, each expression tells a different story.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride surrounded by girlfriends at cottage spa

For this very special occassion, I was joined by Keirnan of KCK Photography. Not only is she a hugely talented photographer, she is wonderful to work with. Thank you, Keirnan, for helping me out and a huge thanks to your family for giving you up for the day. I totally appreciate it.

Keirnan popped over the Manor to get a few of Vitali and his kids as they were getting ready.

Here’s Vitali helping his son and groomsman.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- groom helps his son get ready

And some special portraits. All the kids….

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- groom's side portrait

One more of the pup- because I LOVE this photo. Keirnan prefectly captured this adorable moment.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom's dog prepares for wedding

I will leave you with a teaser, one image I captured as Erin walked down the aisle on her dad’s arm, a prelude of what’s to come. Though I placed it at the end of the post, it is definitely “the beginning.”

erin_vitali_ct_destination_wedding-lord thompson manor

There’s lots more to come… the ceremony, the toasts, the dinner, the cake, the party, and some fabulous portraits. So check back soon!