“So much fun!” That’s how I would describe our stint on the other side of the camera. Dave and I feel like it is hugely important for us to remind ourselves what it is like being photographed by a pro. And the learning involved? Let me just tell you there was lots. Love it.

We were very fortunate to coordinate with Doug Levy, a peer of ours in the Boston area. Doug is an extraordinarily talented, self-taught photographer who plays with light (particularly off-camera flash) in all sorts of interesting ways. Not only did we get the fabulous images below, we also had the opportunity to work with Doug as his clients and get a sense of how he works. It was an awesome afternoon.

We started off at Lake Cochituate. My very favorite image from the session…

jo and dave



Check out my hotty husband.


We did this take about 10 times. Max was not particularly cooperative, and Doug was even encouraging him to lick the lens. It was pretty funny.


Max not cooperating again. I think I am actually holding him in place. And he looks like a petulent teenager. But nice to have a pic with just me and him nonetheless.


This guy was just playing his sax in this little picnic pavilion. Apparently he goes there everyday to practice and then performs most nights in Framingham. It was such a treat.


Doug was really excited to help us use our kayak membership at Charles River Canoe and Kayak. We headed over to their Newton location. The currents weren’t really working in our favor here and neither was all the weight being in the back of the canoe. But Dave managed to get us close to where Doug wanted us.


I like the feeling of isolation of this one


and how you can see Doug’s feet in this one.



And last, but definitely not least, another personal favorite of mine. Colorful kayaks are fabuous. And it totally looks like we are on a date. 🙂


We are so very thankful that Doug agreed to work with us. And we can’t wait to return the favor when he gets back from touring as an umpire in the minor leagues- his totally cool other job. It will be great to work with Doug and his girlfriend Jess from behind the camera.

If you want to check out the whole set, you can view the slideshow.