The more I think back to Michael and Sara’s wedding the more I realize this was a day that completely spoke to the essense of who these two fabulous people are. It was absolutely a day about love, fun, family and friends. It spoke to their passion for each other, for dance, for laughter, and for the earth. And it was beautiful.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- bride and groom at kennolyn venue

When last I left off, we had just started the ceremony. They held their ceremony under a huppah on the lawn of Kennolyn in the Santa Cruz Mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They had an amazingly clear blue sky and perfect temperatures. You could not have asked for a better day. The scene was set…

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- flower girl at kennolyn

Before Sara and Michael took their places beneath the huppah, they circled each other according to Jewish custom.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca-bride walks around groom during jewish ceremony

After the ceremony (which included some beautiful tearful moments), they were all smiles.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- northern california wedding ceremony

And they really couldn’t stop smiling during their portrait session.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- bride and groom in gardens at kennolyn

Except when we made them, but it was hard.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- bride and groom during formal portraits at kennolyn

The reception got kicked off with a few speeches. Sara’s step-dad must have spent hours putting his together. It was absolutely hysterical.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- father's speech during wedding at kennolyn in northern cali

And it was followed by a not-so-improvised version of Do-Run-Run, a favorite improv song game, by two of Michael’s compadres from Chicken Scratch. These guys are hilarious.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- guests sing at wedding in northern ca

Perhaps my favorite image from the day. I love the warmth and engagement as everyone checks out the rings- the physical sign that Mike and Sara are actually married.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- guests check out wedding rings in santa curz mts wedding

Michael and Sara are swing dancers, so what better way to start off the dancing party than a fast-paced swing.

wedding at kennolyn- first dance by bride and groom is a swing dance

And in case, you can’t tell how fast they are moving. Their feet were a blur.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- bride and groom's feet during swing dance

The horah soon followed. I always love the horah. But I have to say this was a first. This little boy was so cute and sweet all day. And just to cap off his adorableness, he “helped” hold up Sara’s chair.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- little boy helps bride during the horah at a jewish wedding in santa cruz ca

I am not exactly sure how Michael ended up with this camera, but so he did. And Dave thought it was funny so grabbed this photo of him.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- groom picks up a camera at his wedding reception

I thought it was funny that they were taking pictures of each other at the same time, with a group of people in between and took this one.

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- reception two photographers

Now we just need to see the photo that Michael took with whomever’s camera he is holding. If that’s your camera, please share the image with us. We would love to see Mike’s perspective.

And just to give you one last hint of their amazing day, check out this sunset. What a gorgeous evening!

sara_michael_wedding_santa_cruz_ca- sunset silhouette of bride and groom in santa cruz mountains

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Sara and Michael- you guys are fabulous. You made our job so easy. And then you invited us to kick back and enjoy the party. We are so glad we got to dance with you guys! And the cake, so yummy. Thank you.

And also many thanks to all of the professionals who helped to make their day so amazing….

Carrie and her fabulous staff at Kennolyn in Soquel
Amanda Sealy from Laughing Gal Floral for the stunning floral design
Shawn Kressal for his beautiful guitar playing during the ceremony
David Mitby and the crew from Sinister Dexter– the amazing band

Also want to note the fabulous folks who helped with Sara and Michael’s look for the day:
Hair: Katwalk Salon
Sara’s Wedding Dress: Impression
Bridesmaids’ dresses: WToo by Watters
Groom’s attire: Calvin Klein
Groomsmen’s attire: Selix

If you want to see more from Sara and Mike’s Northern California green wedding, check out their sneak preview and slideshow.