Welcome home, Lisa and Scott!

They just returned from what looks like an amazing honeymoon in Paris and Morocco. Gotta love Facebook, cause it allowed me to see pix from their grand adventures. Now, I can’t wait to hear the stories. For now, I will focus on sharing the photos from their beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Regency in Boston.


In my last post, we saw images from the getting ready to the portraits in the Public Gardens through their tea ceremony and western ceremony. Everything was perfect. The music throughout their celebration set the right tone. We went from classical string quartet to jazz to Lion Dance drummers to an all round great band and then DJ. Clearly music was important to Scott and Lisa and it definitely brought another layer of magic to their day.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- ceremony string musician- hyatt

The Lion Dancers kicked off the reception. It was so much fun. The colors and movement are certainly a site to see. They definitely brought smiles of joy and excitement when they entered the ballroom.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- chinese lion dancers at chinese/jewish celebration

Dinner followed their entrance. And Scott steals a quiet moment with Lisa. So sweet!

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bride and groom quiet moment during reception at hyatt regency

Their first dance…

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bride and groom first dance as husband and wife at hyatt regency downtown

The speeches were awesome. I already knew Scott and Lisa were perfect together, but then I learned why their friends thought so as well. Turns out they both dream big. When Scott was in elementary school and all of his friends wanted to be a fireman, he had aspirations of being a CEO. Too cute! Lisa had similarly lofty goals. And each of them is making their dent on the world now, Scott just graduated and will be a praciticing doctor. Congrats, Scott! And Lisa is a lawyer helping people with their estate planning. The other piece that impressed me is how much they both value their friends. You can totally see how they all adore each other. And both Lisa and Scott have known their best friends since they were in grade school.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bridesmaids speeches at hyatt regency downtown

Then there was even more fun. The cake cutting and, even more importantly, the tasting.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bride and groom cake cutting at Hyatt Regency

The horah– this was one of the events Lisa was really looking forward to. Looks like it was a blast.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bride and groom in chairs during horah- jewish wedding celebration at hyatt regency

And then lots more partying. Don’t worry all these peeps are doctors, so if they drop Scott, they can take care of him.

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- groom with a bunch of his friends, lifted in the air- funny silly pose

Sneaking a few more romantic moments at the end of the evening….

lisa_scott_wedding_boston_mass- bride and groom dance during their reception- romantic moment

What an all around amazing day! We are so grateful that we could be a part of it. Lisa and Scott, thank you so much for choosing us.

And a huge thank you to all the professionals who added their expertise and talent to create such a fabulous event:
Jennifer Nicholson and the incomparable crew at the Hyatt Regency in Boston
Teresa Fung of Mimosa for her floral design
Paul Therrien of Boston Uplights
Montilio’s for the wedding cake
Greg Capozzi and the talented jazz musicians of CZONE
Christopher Vuk and the exceptional string ensemble of Boston String Ensemble
The Gund Kowk Chinese Lion Dance Troupe

Also want to note the fabulous folks who helped with Lisa and Scott’s look for the day:
Hair: Lypor Leung
Make-up: Katrina Hess
Lisa’s Wedding Dress: Kenneth Poole
Bridesmaids’ dresses: BCBG
Groom and groomsmen’s attire: Joseph Abboud

And a shout out to those who helped with all of the paper products:
Invitations: Cartier
Save the Dates: Etsy.com
All other stationary: lots of hard work by DIYers Scott and Lisa

If you want to see more from Scott and Lisa’s Boston wedding, check out their engagement session, sneak preview and slideshow.