Sara and Mike are just about the funniest couple alive. Seriously, they have the best sense of humors (or is it senses of humor?). We couldn’t wait for their wedding, because we knew we would be laughing and smiling all day long.

Here’s my favorite humorous moment from the bedecken. Sara’s checking out Mike to make sure he’s the right guy. Turns out he is.


What I didn’t count on, was the tears they would bring to my eyes.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride and groom hold hands at kennolyn

During their ketubah signing ceremony, the Rabbi allowed for them to share some thoughts with each other. They were so tender and honest with each other.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride and groom kiss during ketubah ceremony in santa cruz ca

And the way Mike looks at Sara simply melts my heart.

Here Mike is ensuring that Sara is indeed Sara. When I look at this image, I somehow make the same expression that Sara does. I can’t help it. Quivery happiness all over.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride and groom during bedeken in soquel

Alas, I have gotten ahead of myself. So allow me to take a step back.

I have known Mike for several years; we met while performing in a comedy improv group- Blue Blanket Improv– in California. Mike has since moved on and even started his own- Chicken Scratch Improv. And Dave knew Mike from their swing dancing days. We met Sara (and puppy Oscar) last fall and were instantly enamored. Mike and Sara are absolutely perfect together, and perfect parents for Oscar. When they chose us to photograph their wedding at Kennolyn near Santa Cruz, we started counting down the days.

We started off – me with Sara as she and her bridesmaids were getting ready and Dave with the handsome groom…

sara_mike_california_wedding- groom portrait at kennolyn

and his Entourage,

sara_mike_california_wedding- groomsmen portrait at kennolyn in santa cruz

which included his adorable nephew. Precious missing teeth!

sara_mike_california_wedding- ring bearer at kennolyn in soquel cali

The guys have it a lot easier. Here, the women getting ready…Sara almost in her dress.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride getting into her wedding dress in northern california

sara_mike_california_wedding- bridesmaids get ready at kennolyn northern california

And a nod to Sara’s fabulous shoulders and back. She is a triathelete and spends tons of time in the pool. The pay-off is clear.

sara_mike_california_wedding- back of bride and wedding gowns

Just before the boys joined the girls for the ketubah signing, Sara and her beautiful little flower girl compared dresses.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride and flower girl look at each others dresses at kennolyn

Mike arrives. And Sara welcomes him in.

sara_mike_california_wedding- groom prepares to see bride for ketubah ceremony

The Rabbi in the background. Flower girl, apparently, not so interested in that.

sara_mike_california_wedding- flower girl during ketubah ceremony - summer

Then we head over for the ceremony under the huppah.

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride with bouquet before ceremony

And Sara walks down the aisle with her mom…

sara_mike_california_wedding- bride walks down aisle with her mother for Jewish ceremony

I can’t wait to share more and there will definitely be lots, lots more. Of course, more from the reception, but I will also be sharing about the flowers. They were amazing! Bouquets and bouttonieres galore by Laughin’ Gal Floral. Definitely check back soon!