We have had a whirlwind start to wedding season and we are so excited to start sharing the images from these fabulous celebrations. Lisa and Scott were our opening duo. And what an amazing way to kick things off!

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride ready to meet her groom at boston hyatt regency downtown

We met Lisa and Scott a little over a year ago and learned a bit more when we met up with them last summer. Their wedding plans were so exciting. Lisa is Chinese so they wanted to make sure to honor her family traditions with a tea ceremony and lion dancers. And Scott is Jewish; they chose to honor his heritage with the glass stomping tradition as well as the horah. This mix was pleasantly familiar to Dave and I. We could completely understand Lisa’s excitement for the Hora and Scott’s for the lion dancers.

The Boston Hyatt Regency in downtown Boston was the backdrop for most of the day. Before Lisa could get in her dress, she sent her bridesmaids off with a special gift for Scott. And as it happens, he had a wonderful treat for her as well. His groomsmen delivered gifts which were hints to something bigger still to come- first a hat, then a canteen, and finally a guide book to Morocco. Wow! Scott and Lisa had planned to go to Paris for their honeymoon, but Scott added something extra to their special trip. Lisa was completely surprised.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- gift from groom boston hyatt regency- downtown boston


The girls then ventured to Lisa’s fabulous suite to get dressed.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding-bride getting ready

Up on the 20-something-th floor, what an amazing view of the city! Had to juxtapose the Cinderella shoes with the On-Top-of-the World view- picture perfect.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding-brides shoes with view of downtown boston

Then Lisa and Scott were ready to catch their first sight of each other all gussied up in their wedding attire.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride and groom see each other for first time

Dave and I LOVE this moment. Scott is such a gentleman- considerate and thoughtful at all times. So it was all too perfect, that he was there to help his bride with her bustle. How sweet is that!

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- groom helps bride at hyatt regency

We took a quick jaunt over to the Boston Public Gardens for photos.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride and groom in the public gardens

And Lisa and Scott had a few moments alone.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride and groom enjoy the view at the boston public gardens

Back at the hotel, the tea ceremony…

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride during chinese tea ceremony at the hyatt regency

followed by the American ceremony. Lisa and Scott entered to a string quartet.

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- string quartet for hyatt regency ceremony

And a couple of the many wonderful moments from the ceremony…

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bride and groom light unity candle with purple uplights

lisa_scott_boston_wedding- bridesmaids enjoy the vows at hyatt regency ceremony


This wedding was truly amazing. And there are tons more images to share, so definitely check back for more. In the meantime, if you want to get to know Scott and Lisa a little better check out their New York City engagement session post and slideshow.