I am not often surprised by hotels. Enchanted? Yes. Amazed? Yes. But rarely surprised. I think it is because I have traveled around the world with varied accommodations and worked at many hotels. However, a little over a week ago, I visited Amanda at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge. And I was… well… surprised.

royal_sonesta- charles river and boston view from wedding venue, cambridge ma

No, I was not surprised by the beautiful view, beautiful even on a dreary day, of the Charles River and Boston. I expected that it would be gorgeous. And it was.

I was surprised by the amazing modern art collection. I simply had no idea that the Royal Sonesta was a gallery to a varied and well regarded collection of art as well as a great venue for weddings in the Boston area. Owner of the Sonesta, Joan Sonnabend is the curator of the collection; she has chosen to include works by emerging and more established artists. Some of the artists include: Jonathan Borofsky, Eve Sonneman, Dennis Croteau and Andy Warhol.

royal_sonesta- modern art collection in hallway leading event spaces

Of course, being an artist, I find art inspiring. And I can absolutely see the draw of getting married in a venue that hosts such a diverse group of work. For one, the photos you could have taken here would be amazing. Around every corner is something engaging to tantalize your eyes.

royal_sonesta- art bar at cambridge hotel

This mural is just begging to be photographed. But I think it needs a person or people to compliment it.

royal_sonesta- colorful mural- a great backdrop for wedding photos or senior portraits

I can totally imagine working in this space as well, with the art as a more subdued backdrop.

royal_sonesta- lounging area with art as backdrop for photos

And of course, there is still that amazing view. Every event space has a window out where you and your guests can enjoy the view.

royal_sonesta- panoramic view of the charles river and boston ma from Cambridge hotel

The Royal Sonesta has classic beauty on the outside and contemporary beauty inside- and lots of surprises. Who knew?!