Warning- this entry may get a little cheesy, but it’s all true nonetheless.

Dave’s dad was visiting a couple of weeks ago and we decided to take a trip down memory lane. Dave pulled up his digital archive of old family photos, and came across this one. I was astounded. I had no idea that we had a photo from Dave’s grandfather’s wedding. And I was so excited to see it for so many reasons.



First, let me explain that the archive of family photos from Dave’s side is rather small. He was born in Vietnam and he and his parents escaped the communist regime when he was 6 years old. They didn’t get to bring a lot with them; many photos were lost in the process. So the ones we do have are all the more precious. This is the only wedding picture that I know of.

As a wedding photographer I get to see and document the most amazing days in people’s lives. I love that I might create an image that will be found by a grandchild 60 years from now and will be received with as much joy as this photo was received with. Dave and his dad are tied to this image in one way. And I am tied to it in a different way, but all of us felt connected to it.

On top of all the personal connections, I love what it tells us about the style of the day- her bouquet is amazing. It seems to have all sorts of wild tropical flowers. And his boutonniere is one big beautiful blossom. The photograph itself was stylized with beautiful edging. Everything about this is gorgeous.

Finding this photograph from Dave’s family, made me want to dig up some photos from my side. So I called up my parents and had them send me what they could readily get their hands on.

jo grandma and grandpa wedding photograph- pittsburgh

This is my grandmother and grandfather on their wedding day. I love my grandfather’s smile in this photo. I think he knows something we don’t.

And here’s one of my mom and dad….

jo mom and dad wedding photo- pittsburgh pa

Aaaahhhh, the 60’s. White tux jackets and thick rimmed glasses. LOL

My mom still has her dress. I think she looks amazing in it.

jo mom bridal portrait- penn wedding

And one of my aunt and uncle. I have often caught my uncle looking at my aunt this way. This photo completely captures that aspect of their relationship.

aunt and uncle wedding photo bethesda md

All of these photos make me smile. I wasn’t at any of the weddings, and it doesn’t matter at all. Seeing my loved ones in the pictures at a time in their lives when they were so happy, simply makes me happy.

Do you have a favorite family wedding photo? What about it speaks to you?