I recently reconnected with an old friend who is now a minister in Cambridge, MA. We grew up together and since have both lived all over the country so it was great to catch up. And it was also great to get to tour his church, Swedenborg Chapel. Oh my goodness, this is the epitomy of a picturesque New England church. I adore it. It is cozy and historic and beautiful. A great place for a wedding.

picturesque boston church- wedding chapel cambridge ma

As it happens, they do several weddings a year. If you like, Reverend Baxter (aka Kevin) is happy to lead your ceremony. Or you are welcome to bring in your own officiant. Gotta love choices!

new england wedding chapel- altar of church in cambridge ma

So many amazing details here. Note the front windows are clear cut glass with an intricate pattern.

detail of altar at wedding chapel outside boston

But in the rear there are some very pretty stained glass images.

stained glass window in church where many weddings occur

This chapel can be all lit up with candles for your evening wedding. Super dramatic and romantic!

candle light wedding ceremonies avaible at this church near boston ma

So if you haven’t chosen your ceremony venue yet and are looking for an intimate, quintessentially New England church conveniently located in the heart of Cambridge (seemingly on Harvard‘s campus) and just a short drive from Boston, definitely check this out.