For my last entry in the generations series, I wanted to focus on the mini-fam of Linda and Mike. When Linda and Mike found us for their 2006 wedding, we were so excited. You should see the way he looks at her- melts your heart. We were really looking forward to their fall wedding. They celebrated with their ceremony at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in San Francisco, their wedding portraits at the Legion of Honor and their wedding reception at Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, coordinated by Jubilee Lau of Jubilee Lau Events.

bride and groom at the legion of honor in san francisco- wedding portraits

They then sent us a whole series of their friends, all of whom we actually met at their wedding.

First, Elaine and Eddie were married. They had another autumn wedding and chose the perfect venue to highlight the rich greens of fall in San Francisco- the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park. Before their American ceremony, they participated in the Chinese tea ceremony at both their family homes. After the Shakespeare Garden wedding and taking photos around San Francisco, they celebrated with a fabulous Chinese banquet at House of Banquet.

bride and groom portraits at san francsico shakespeare garden wedding in golden gate park

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A couple weeks later, Meredith and Bronson celebrated their wedding. Actually, Meredith’s mother Renn was the connection with Linda and Mike. After meeting us at Linda and Mike’s wedding, she brought Meredith and Bronson in to visit us while they were visiting from Portland. These two have such a great sense of humor; we had an absolute blast working with them and getting to know their families. They were married at StoneTree Golf Club in Novato. Their winter themed wedding was designed and coordinated by Grace Dugan from A Touch of Grace.

bride and groom at stonetree golf club- marin, ca- fall foliage during winter wedding

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This past summer, we were able to photograph Becky and Danny’s wedding. Becky and Danny are friends with Linda and Mike as well as Elaine and Eddie. We actually sat at their table during Elaine and Eddie’s banquet. We felt like we already knew them quite well when they hired us to photograph their wedding at The Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island and their bbq celebration in Preston, Connecticut. They are a lovely down-to-earth couple with great taste. We were so excited to celebrate with them.

bride and groom portraits at the chanler at cliff walk in newport, ri- destination wedding

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All of our "generations" are so special to us. We really are so lucky to get to work with such amazing couples. A huge, huge thank you to all of our past brides and grooms who have referred their wonderful friends and family to us.